I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Completing Summer


My holiday was lovely--- hot and sunny!
And I am feeling rather proud of myself...remember my doll quilt from last winter? It's sole purpose was to create a fun and engrossing handwork project for the beach this summer...?

I finished the hand quilting on Saturday! I am so pleased. And my hand quilting looks, okay if not awesome, I think.

A few more sunny days and the biding will be done too.

I'm pretty amazed at how cute it is! And I was surprised how much I enjoyed the handquilting, very relaxing, in its precise way.

The feedsack backing has been a big hit with my various beach audiences, too...

I even had time to do almost all the mending on this adorable but so worn, so loved tiny antique doll quilt. It is tiny, about 12" square, and a true miniature. The 9-Patch pieces are only about 5/8"! I like the way the red vertical sashing makes a secondary pattern, with the self blue going the other direction, then the pale blue frame or border. Note also how the one pink and blue bright 9-patch block was carefully used in the center.

A few years ago I sold all my antique doll quilts, only kept this tiny treasure because I thought it hopelessly tattered, an eBay buyer would surely b*#%^ch and moan about condition.

I gathered old fabrics for the repairs, but it usually is in my beach bag as a backup project.

 But now it too , almost done. I'll write more about it when it's finished, it's such a treasure and I am happy I am saving it.

a corner repaired, one tiny frayed square left to repair here
the corner fabric is blue checks too, it doesn t show in these pix.
 Best I ever found...

Third project! was last summer's redo of this charming old Tiny Baskets quilt top.

I repaired, replaced and mended it---all last summer; finished it this July. I've been searching for a quilter since (any thoughts?)...machine quilting is fine but I have certain thoughts about how it should be finished. Sadly my beloved quilter has changed professions and while I laud her ambition to become a midwife, I am bereft without someone who understands my work....
I think my replacement baskets blend nicely? I used only antique fabrics.

Last I got a lot done on my market basket/ string bag during [lol] hurricane Irene. The loose patternless knitting was perfect to work on during the evacuation period.

It is actually more done than this, I am on the handles next. And...should it be lined? With antique linen or...? Or, not?

It was fun, big needles, no pattern, fun ''string '' (hemp twine/ bamboo-cotton) yarn,  and any mistakes made in the low candlelight aren't important. I also got to experiment with dropped stitch long stitches and reverse garter stitch to make some texture...It should be all finished by pumpkin buying time in October.

So...a fun summer for me!  Lots of beach books too to add to my read-books list. I'll do that soon!


gone to the beach...