I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, March 28, 2019

It's Flea Season Again! ~ First Church Flea Market of the Spring

HI! Temps are very cold and the wind is big, but I know spring has arrived because the little church's first flea market was held last week. Oh I was sooo excited, you cannot imagine. I know, little life, little thrills, but that's my idea of fun. All winter long I've been saving dollar bills, because the fleas here prefer cash; I have a little wad of crumpled singles set aside--I am so organized and didn't dip into this tiny hoard for tips or lunch money. Prob is less than $30.oo.

So last Friday I had it all planned out, I would be early, I'd get to the flea's Friday presale ahead of the crowds. This flea has  a preview sale Fridays and Mondays 2-4 PM. Imagine all the treasures the church ladies had accumulated during the winter?
I got there early but later than I'd hoped because I ended up waiting for a no-show friend. I arrived at the church and there was not a parking space to be found in the entire village. Not at the other church or the preschool, not at the train station or the post office or the wine shop. Nada. I drove around for an hour, hampered by the fact that this village is on a spit of land without regular cross streets and hemmed in by two busy busy busy train crossings. I finally went home, dejected, rejected.
In the end I went back Monday...again no parking! This is new, there must be something going on at the same time, like a moms' group or AA or Bible study. I finally parked about a mile away---darn it, I was gonna get there! [Please don't suggest Uber, we don't have it and it'd cost too much anyway.]

The shelves were very picked over, and the place was pretty empty, so I know all those cars came for something else. The ladies were tidying up and putting away, because this is the basketball court of the rec hall.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:
This lovely big doll house.

I loved it. It's like a Midwestern farmhouse, just what I used to dream of owning back in the day, before beach cottage times. That front porch just begs for Halloween decorations, bales of hay and many pumpkins. The interior was in poor condition but fixable. A rehab!

There was also a box of all the furniture and the doll-residents. It said ''included"; If you peer through the plastic wrap you can see the darling little quilt that was there. I think ''cheater cloth'', not pieced, but cute, very 70's calico-awful.

I didn't note the price, because I didn't want to buy it and it was tempting. I would love to have a doll house again.

A sweet beer bottle brown glass rooster candy jar, 1930-40s?

Loved the big mirror, I always wanted one of these when I sewed my own clothes.

Pretty lace and linens, too $$.

More, with embroidery.

I loved this dresser scarf's oddly colored dull flowers, maybe for sachet hearts? but not that day. Eight dollars? Insane, who but me buys these things?

Ribbons and fabric, not tempted. Next time.

I took a few pictures of the clothes racks in case my friend B can ever go with me. Not a big selection, though on another rack they sure had a LOT of big white wedding gowns in tiny sizes.

What came home with me, how did I spend my $3.oo?

A floral sheet and an apron.

The full/double sheet was 2.oo and is a possible backing for the Blue Baskets quilt. Quilt backings are one of the unmentioned big expenses of making quilts--often 6 or 7 yards at 10.75 a yard. So as much as 80.oo; a two dollar sheet looks amazing in comparison.

The bluebells are darling, aren't they, plus touches of bright yellow and the tiniest red polka dots.

I love it. My quilter isn't thrilled with using sheets but I prevail. I think using a  vintage sheet is so in tune with the idea of the Baskets being recycled old shirts. And often sheets are nicely lightweight and so soft. I do have something else in mind, waiting to see if it goes on sale before ordering.

This is my only Blue Baskets of the month for March posting, except the mention again the lovely white shirtings from Nancy.

I didn't make any Baskets this month, and in a few seconds you'll see why.

My other treasure is this great polka dot apron, in the best green and best polka dots. One dollar. I'm sure my eyes got big and I grabbed it. Think how many St Paddy's Day dinners this apron may have made. Worn but pristine and well kept.

Wonderful make do pocket, as if it was made without the pocket and the maker used all the fabric. Then needed a pocket! So she cut off some of the waist ties and pieced herself a pocket. Look closely, it's made of three carefully pieced horizontal strips.

I don't collect aprons, but I almost kept it to wear myself. In the end, I realized I don't wear half aprons, just bibbed bakers' aprons. I am a spill-on-my-shirt kinda girl.

After washing and ironing, I folded the apron and set it on the corner cupboard. Aha! The polka dotted green just had to be the backing for my fun little red doll quilt.

I made the little quilt with the unused blocks from TQC 1880 Sampler.

Just one more is left, it will be a pin keep. Since this little guy is just for me I could use the wild red horseshoes fabric that I love. Horseshoes were a very popular motif in conversational shirting prints in the second half of the 19th century, so the print is not as anachronistic and silly as it may seem. I treated myself to having it quilted professionally, in miniature Baptist Fans.

It was going to possibly be my Humble Quilts swap quilt, but on inspection I saw it perhaps had ''bad'' fabrics, not in the rules. Plus it was probably too goofy, too childlike?--and lastly. I loved it too much to give it to someone who is expecting and deserving a traditional look.

I struggle with giving my quilts away. The second---no third!--little quilt I made for the swap is so perfect with my yellowware bowls! We'll see how time goes.

These two little quilts and prepping  1880 and Sajou for the quilter took up the days that were intended for my Baskets. I'll have to do double for April! Or fall behind. @@

Mo and I found daffodils today! But no pix.

Have a good weekend.



gone to the beach....

PS When Lori adds the Stringalong Linky I'll add that here so you all can see the projects of people who actually got things done in March. 

 PS2: If you love the look of the 1880 Sampler, with its 4" blocks [not necessarily my version but the project], TQC is doing a new sewalong !! W/ tinier 3" blocks.  HERE  I'm thinking to do it w/ my 1930s kiddy prints. It's a fast project but it can be made at your own pace, when you feel like it. No deadlines or posts involved.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Out and About Late Winter at the Beach

a few tiny snowdrops
Anyone who expects spring, late March at the beach, is doomed to disappointment. The ground and sand are barren of life, the wind is frigid and howls. Yesterday the gale was so strong that the crystal sun catchers were knocked off my windows by the glass's vibration. I offered Mo his usual walks but he hustled out, did his business and ran back to the sheltered deck, lying happily in a weak patch of sunshine.

This gave me time and energy to make my little quilt for Lori's swap on Humble Quilts. I am always stumped, whatever might the recipient like?---so I'm making a version of an antique doll quilt in my collection.

The top is finished, whew! I can't really show it to you yet, tradition is the little quilts aren't revealed until the person receives it. A few fasties had their quilts done and shown on FB the DAY after we received our assignments. My mind boggles and then I feel like a kid who forgot to do her science fair project,lol.

I didn't quilt it yet; have to switch sewing machines. Today I'll make the yellow pillow covers to briefly brighten my living room and perhaps make a few Basket blocks. I am newly enthused to do my Baskets by these wonderful white ground shirtings sent to me by Nancy at Joy for Grace blog. I love them, so very authentic looking.

This coming week I have a medical treatment--- I will ''lose'' about 10 days, between cooking and cleaning beforehand and then recuperating. It's annoying and the side effects are painful but as one MD charmingly told me, it is better than the alternative [dying!]. What a guy.

Indoors, late winter:

I went with black transferware and white ironstone .

And flowers....

At the grocery store, large bundles of crop grown dandelion greens.

I'd never seen these before. Wish I had bought some, they go in salad, right? Not at all like the little plants I see later in the grass here.


Mo and I go almost every day to the koi pond now. One day we caught the beautiful Tuxie, a feral cat friend, gloating over the goldfish in the pond! Would he actually try to capture one? They are quite large now, maybe 12-15"? but lethargic from being in ice for months.

This feral cat is exceptionally fluffy and chubby. Mo adores him, not sure what Mo thinks he is though.

We also passed by this interestingly shell decorated fence one day while walking to the beach. No wonder I never find whelk shells for my shell strings!

Hope your week is good! 



gone to the beach...