I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Flowers Farmers Market part 2

Hi guys! How's summer so far?


The early summer flowers had to have their own story! For some reason the long frigid winter has created a deliciously lush blooming of all the field grown local flowers.

My Jeep trunk, below, after the market earlier today! Got my new beach chair--and, sigh, snow shovel...I have it all!

Darling poppies and ranunculas.

The antique mason jar was included!

A perfect and charming summer nosegay, isn't it?

The poppies are from the peony lady, below . Her selection is amazing.

 I thought her prices were high but she includes the neat antique and vintage glass containers with the bouquets. So fun! I want to be her thrift shop picker.

More peonies. This grower has palest pink always....Like little girls' once upon a time party dresses.

Lavender and veggie starters:

And of course roses.

An old beach cottage just requires roses, tucked into a sweet little ironstone jug.

I love ithis pitcher's faded pansies and roses and bits of old gilt...

The roses are so pretty, with their pink middles and palest chartreuse outer petals.

Palest seashell pink hydrangeas by the front door....


The buds on my deck's lilies are just about to burst! And here's little Mo, again. He too is growing fast! He has outgrown two harnesses and his baby collar/tag already! And he is Up To No Good! Get that quilt edge! What a cutie of an imp.


He is very fond of this LL Bean tote, for napping and chewing! It's an oldie, so---okay.

gone to the beach....