I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At Least It's not Snow!

Hi, guys! Today (Tuesday) was one of those days--the kind of day you really have to work hard to tell yourself the days are getting longer. (30 minutes per month--60 total, 1 minute AM & PM daily---, my dad taught us, so---?) On a rainy day like today it seems like the sun never rises and then the twilight just kinda finally gives up and fades to black.

But at least it isn't snow. Or worse, ICE.

Heavy heavy rain...and fog. I had to slog out to an appointment at the doctor. I feel like I am his science project lately, every time I go he gives me a new inhaler thingy to try. Still wheezing, Doc, I try to say, cough-cough-cough.
His office is right on the beach, in the large town here. This area was entirely devastated by H. Sandy, just 14 months ago. No ramps, no benches---no boardwalk

My April 2013 post here with more pix.

This is pretty impressive, it looks so beautiful despite the dense grey day. Much of this boardwalk was rebuilt by last July!

But desolate today. Rain. And fog.


Gorgeous ramps for walkers, strollers, bikes.


And look at this boardwalk! It is so beautiful, used to be ancient grey weathered pine boards. Now it is some sort of sustainable Brazilian? hardwood. It could be someone's living room floor!


Grey water---the beach here is not as pretty as mine. They do not have dunes here and it's flat and narrower, though the sand is lovely and fluffy white when  dry.

Die-hard surfers.


This is the passage to the beach, under the boardwalk. In the summer you must pay the teenager at the kiosk, or show an resident tag.

Now it is so dark and forbidding. Not the romantic ''Under the Boardwalk" of legend.

Sunny days ahead, we hope.



gone to the beach....