I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 8, 2017

Morning Glory Days

Hi! I had a hectic week and a busy day today so instead of a Bitty update, I think tonight we'll take a sweet, peaceful, thoughtful walk through the morning glory gardens.

In a time of fear and unrest, plus such tragic natural events---fires, hurricanes=--I try to focus on the serenity and quietude of my little corner of the world. And pray that it lasts.

So come walk with me?

The cooler days and rain have sent the glories into mad profusions! Don't you love their old-fashioned simplicity?

Two sizes. I love the tiny bluer ones!

Looks like sunflowers and crepe myrtle...

but look closely, the morning glories have twined all the way to the top of the maybe 12 foot high sunflowers!

The glories shut their eyes before noon most days. And only bloom that one morning, and then are gone....

 Sunny marigold hedge, seen through fence slats...

Tiny flower hedges.

Something for the Weekend: This week's book is Louise Penny's next Inspector Gamache installment, Glass Houses. I love Penny's books and usually recommend highly but this one, hmmm: lots of tedious philosophizing, a very unlikely premise, and a the general feeling that everyone knows what's going on except me, the reader.  I'm at 75% now and the murderer/ defendant [but not really!!!] has just been revealed. C'mon? And Penny's odd puns/ allusions/ word plays in English, when everyone is supposedly speaking French are jarring.  here  
[PS This book got almost entirely 5* reviews, so maybe it was just me? Read it and let me know what you think!]

I'm rather looking forward instead to to the new Vince Flynn/ Mitch Rapp, Enemy of the State, now written by Kyle Mills. Mitch is a thug but we love him. Pretty sure he won't hand-wring and moan about whatever issue he has to face,lol. here

Look! Someone is fence-peeking back at me!

gone to the ebach....

Mel! Baloon tires on beach carts. With a side order of ugly Birkenstock's....