I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cozy and Bright (Thrift Shop Finds and more Storm)

Hi everyone! Since some of you have emailed me about our bad weather, I'll show you some storm pix first. (Thanks for asking!---Weather Channel makes a rainy day seem like the Apocalypse, as you know. Though the vids of Fire Island with the ocean sweeping through the streets were scary---and real.)

waves/ high surf/ flooding

Today is actually worse than yesterday, at least for me and Mo. It's been sleeting with wet splatty snow all afternoon.
Mo doesn't mind.

We walked 2 miles! We visited the koi.

The beach is inaccessible---the water from last night's high tide flood is higher than my wellies...and cold.

You'll recognize my beach entry, with the seawall and No Dogs sign. This is where the wooden boardwalk is in the summer.


I kinda like cold weather, so I didn't mind the storm---and inside the house, all is cozy and warm, cinnamon candles burning, all the lights on, another Christmas experiment in the oven [mini croissants w/ ham and brie/ cranberries and goat cheese. I'll re-warm this batch on the weekend for Christmas tree Day.]

I wrapped gifts for folks who live far away. I love my Marshall's find of these beautiful velvet and linen ribbons, on real wooden spools. I have them in a spongeware bowl, set out to admire , they're just so pretty.

Then I played with my thrift shop finds from Sunday.

Remember my dishtowels that are going to be a coffee table runner?

I found this gorgeous 100% cotton skirt to use for the backing. 3.oo.

The colors are so perfect and I love India prints like this.

If the skirt would fit me I'd wear it instead of cutting it up. But it's a size 2, I haven't been a size two since I was like, 5 years old?

I bought this floaty India cotton top for the wonderful large scale cobalt blue bird motif fabric, also to be cut up

But this one's my size! A keeper. White cotton capris, bright yellow---or simple black--- tank top underneath? Jeans and leather sandals?

I also found these Halloween pjs.

Soft cotton batiste, to add to my Halloween collection, for my Halloween string quilt project. 99 cents.

from ?--eBay?

A pretty tin for my sewing machine's tools and extra feet and needles.

I have a neat Singer tin for my old machine's extras, but I want to keep these separate. Again, pretty and so bright, another 99 cents, such extravagance.

And as I was paying I saw this necklace! Summer day, summer day! Black linen shorts/ white tank top, straw tote ---and this! Oh I love it. It calls to me and promises me summer days ahead, soon.

I love the exactitude of the stringing, the roughness of the handmade glass seed beads. The old patinaed clasp.

And these colors...

Makes me smile!

Sunny weekend is coming! I have to plant the daff bulbs I am giving my friends for their garden/ Xmas gift. Mo will help...but right now he is snuggled in his nest he made me build for him. Corner of the sofa---his sofa, good thing we have two!



gone to the beach.....