I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Flea

Hi! I went to the flea market on Sunday morning. It was too cold for the beach which meant traffic would be tolerable if I took the land route there. I hardly ever go to the flea in June/ July/ August. It was great! Busy and crowded and and fun, with lots of good treasures to tempt my meager budget.

Cool stuff! These are the old glass door knobs like I used on Mo's leash rack. Lovely but they had all the hardware removed. I 'd have no clue how to fit them up to be useful.

And I loved this giant wooden spool. Beautiful wood patina. It was on a table with old fishing gear so maybe it once held fishing line? It was a bit big for my old spool collection. Kinda wish I bought it though.

I got a bowl. It was 4.oo.

  Spongeware. RRP and Co, Roseville Ohio.

Not old but pretty and a nice tall shape.

And the thimble guy had thimbles for me. They were 5.oo.

Old tin or nickel plated brass.
Had the shine worn off, showing the brass underneath.

One size 10, 2 size 8, 1 child's thimble, size 6.

One of what I'd call a size 8 standard is marked Germany and 15. They must mark their sizes differently?

My collection is growing nicely!

And the fun find---the big find--- was at the dealer who usually sells me my English Staffordshire transferware china. But this week he had---Fabric! From a NYC decorating  studio. Mounds of fabric, a van full of fabric.

Julius DeBruhl Lewis Design Studio. I've never heard of this person but apparently he is someone !---famous for being a character, a style icon. here  (take a look, he is quite fascinating. Scroll down.)
Some of the headers are marked 6th Avenue at W. 31st, which is very near where I worked for years. My own work loft was on West 32nd between 6th and 7th.
Later tags are marked W est 38th Street, more up in the trimmings district.

At first I thought this was the remains of on old bankrupt business. And these samples were lying around there since the early 1900s. There were pages and pages of lace samples, even entire white work Edwardian batiste and lace yokes for the white day dresses so popular c. 1900. Museum quality, really. Who knew the seamstresses could order the entire bodice yoke and sleeve cuffs/ inserts, all pre-pintucked and insertion laced?

 only bought one piece. Made in France pre-1920? Handmade lace, all hand embroidered.

But on looking up this person it seems his studio supplies[ed?] all sorts of antiques and exotic decorative goods. And this group was sold off when out of date.
Note the prices!? Must be for an entire bolt?

I got this lovely yellow, almost cheddar linen toile. It can be fall pillows or a table runner.

Fine cotton shirtings, they feel like silk.

And two beautiful vintage Indonesian or Malaysian batiks. They too could be pillows but probably will go into my blue and brown quilt someday collection. [I'm not a fabric purist in my own quilt designs].

I stopped to chat with all my regular sellers, reminding them that they might not see me again til mid-September. But that I am looking for thimbles, advertising and graphic feed sacks/ candlesticks/ buttons/white linens/ old baby clothes / transferware. It's always good to make your wish list known.

The last couple days have been warmer, but at night I still have to dress in jeans and a fleece jacket for Mo's evening walk.

I sure do love that it is light at 9 PM though, so no complaints from me. I actually like winter, I like the cold...but I don't like the short days and early darkness. Fall used to be my favorite season. Then I loved summer...now I'm not so sure. How about you? Summer? Fall? or...?



gone to the beach

Apropos of nothing, my current fave bracelets: the vintage heart bracelet is new/ old, from eBay; the two African bead bracelets [one with a silver seahorse!, love, love] are made with beads bought in NYC during Hurricane Sandy. They don't ''go'' together but that's okay.

I ate the geraniums!

check out Julius D here