I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Flea Market

Hi! Remember I was all excited that the first fall flea market was happening this past Sunday>
Well, the flea market was fun, but junky! The new venue has attracted the garage sale sellers but the antiques dealers with  ''real'' stuff (primitives , Americana, linens, quilts, sepia photos, Staffordshire transferware] were nowhere to be found.

Hardly worth the drive for a hot dog and a five dollar chrysanthemum. Lucky for me the thrift shop is just one highway exit south...really just two or three very long blocks ---quarter mile?---and I stopped there on my way home. A handful of fun things!

This adorable woodland mushrooms embroidery.

I will take it out of the frame, carefully wash it, and incorporate the small designs into fall lavender sachets. Natural linen hearts or little bags, maybe?

See the tiny ladybug!? How cute is that, I loved it.

Then my first bee hive, or bee skep.

It's a jam server. (Or honey server, I suppose?)

I knew it would go great with my yelloware bowls...

And is inspired by the bee skep on my Porch quilt:

LOL, yeah that's a bee skep!

Also, yes, another mixing bowl.

Perhaps LuRay? 1940-50s, anyway.

I tried to resist! But it is wonderfully crackled and is the soft grey lavender-blue of dried hydrangeas...

This is the color I am trying to use this fall, instead of orange....

A tiny German bottlebrush Christmas tree [2nd from top photo]---99 cents!--- which I needed for my annual Santa doll's sack of  goodies.
From an earlier buy, a nice brown transferware pitcher/ jug. I was happy to find it. I thought it was an older piece [Meakin/ England] and a smaller version of the pitcher I already owned.

 But no. They are identical except the thrift shop jug is a paler printing of the transfer design...

One of them can go on etsy, maybe?

And last, I filled my wire heart shaped basket with my collection of carpet 'bowls'..balls.

These are pottery, also Staffordshire. Often very expensive! hereI love them because they look like enormous marbles...and also like double pink [or blue or black] calico or pinafore gingham. They are the size of baseballs, up to softball size.  [a couple are repros.]

So it was a good day. Can't argue with a sunny fall day, a brisk wind, and a hot dog or two!



.............gone to the beach