I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, January 9, 2017

January Walks...and Then it Snowed

Hi! Welcome to winter! No complaints here, I love winter.  Every year we welcome the new year, the wintery days [longer already!] and brisk air with an early January beach hike. [photos by my friend LK.]

a few treasures

And really good news. Last week when my dog walker was sick, I was able to take Mo out for a couple long walks! Okay---afterward,I was so tired and hurting I just sat and sat, but I was thrilled.

Mo was happy too.

One day we walked all the way to the koi pond. They seem fat and busy, and by my count there are two more!

But then---who knew--- an unexpected snow storm arrived. While parts of NY got only a few inches, coastal Long Island and up towards Rhode Island and the Cape, got as much as a foot or more.

And then it drifts. This is Mo and my deck chairs we sit on all the time to sew! I just had my friend help me bring in my umbrella and table the day before.

Temperatures plunged as the wind howled. Mo was allowed to sleep in my bed this weekend, for the first time ever. How could I resist those little bright beseeching eyes? He was very good, though he seems to like to burrow under the covers and I was worried he'd suffocate!

But all is well...warm here by Friday.

Mo dressed up for visiting 



gone to the beach....

PS here is P2 with its sawtooth border. I found an ivory percale sheet with tiny navy stars for the back. Pinching pennies here. It will get an allover tossed daisy pattern for its quilting.

The smudge above the left hand ship is a huge flock of winter ducks, scoters or mergansers, probably.They tend to travel way out over the water. I love the white snowy dunes.