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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What's Done is Done! 2016 Quilt Finishes Part 2

Hi! I'm back with the rest of my show and tell.
Due to my boring and oft-mentioned illness this past year, my output is not what I'd have hoped for. The big finish is Pokeberry! As soon as winter sets in, it's going on my bed, all flannel, and velvet, and wool.

Doll quilts:
Lori of Humble Quilts' Spring Swap, my offerings.

Again with Lori, " Quilters Madder'', a study in mid 1800s madder dyes prints.[repros]. beautifully quilted by Lori Cangemi in an allover Feathers design.

My Madder Stars, all antique blocks/ fabrics except that tiny cheddar center square. More beautiful quilting, Mini Baptist Fans, from Lori C.

And my second Quilters Madder, which I called Indigo Loves Cheddar (I*L*C).

I cut the busy cheddar version just for fun. Then I hated it! And now---I love it. I love everything about this little guy: the simple quilting, the funky scrappy pieced binding, the double pink back.

The truly awful cheddar print and other tiny scale cheddars I used when the ugly sister ran out. I always love my indigo blues, and my double pinks---I am amazed at this result, at how pleased I am. The first authentic QM was a stretch for me. I don't enjoy muted tones or colors like berry and rust. [I do think the resulting quilt is beautiful, though.]. I*L*C is just so me, it's bold and busy and loud and colorful. (Not that *I* am like that but it's what appeals to me, design wise.) Yet all the fabrics are ''authentic'' repros of the mid 1800s.
And these sachets/ drawer liners were Christmas gifts, and will be something new in my shop soon, for Valentine's and Mother's Day.  Wonderful way to use antique linens and beautiful fabrics, I think. The larger ones are the size of a folded sweater, perfect for your best sweaters. They are lined with sturdy cardstock board and two layers of batting.I made them unscented, with the idea that the person can add their own perfume or even a spritz of Febreeze, but most of the recipients asked for me to add scent. What do you think?  (Of course I think they'd be the best with a matching lavender heart on top!)

I'm looking forward to having less pain this year, being able to sit and sew sometimes. Maybe even walk Mo! Something to strive for. How I envy those who can begin a yoga class or train for a run, or walk 1000 miles![or ten!] Ah, if only....
I hope to finish my many neglected projects: Wild Geese, Dotty 365, Summertime, Antique Baskets, and more. Quilting got me through the pain of 2016, makes me hopeful for the year to come. (I love having a To Do List!)



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