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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Another Snow Day

Good morning! It's actually just a grey rainy early spring like day--but last night late, when Mo and I went out for a final wee, snow was falling gently in big soft flakes. One of my favorite things, seeing snow floating down in the illumination of the streetlights. So peaceful--and a bit sad? Is this the final snow of the winter?

I finally started my Schoolgirl Album blocks:

This is the Barbara Brackman Block of the month 2018. Here The blocks on the FB group's page are so beautiful and inspiring, each better than the next.

Here is Block One, two versions. The block is called Wandering Lover. [hmmm, hints of schoolgirl crushes, teenage angst?]

I messed around with doing signature blocks, but didn't want the hassle of the quilt not then being washable. I thought maybe mottoes instead of names, Peace, Kindness, etc.

Instead I went more modern, a nod to script and writing/ letters/ diaries long ago, using this white text print in what will be my full sized blue version.

Each 12.5" block will be different shades of blue. My schoolgirl asked her friends for blues but does not expect them all to match. The alternate blocks 4-Patch 9-Patch maybe will be all one set of fabrics because that sewing would have been done by the girl herself. We'll see.

And this is the hideous greens etc group [Jamestown]. I couldn't resist playing with the uglies. I was also inspired by the FB group's use of toile [scenic prints], lots of toile showing up, fussy cut for a little central vignette.

These blocks will be 9" [9.5] finished, with sashing.

I didn't make a pattern for the 9" ; just guessed to reduce the sizes. It will be a small ''crib'' quilt [for no baby imaginable,lol] and probably will be only 9 of the 12 blocks given over the year. I don't like rectangular quilts.

I really love this version, it is so ugly and old-time patchy looking.  I know the blue will be attractive and actually useful, but it is ho hum in comparison.

Later today, as the rain continues, I am looking forward to making block 2 of both versions. It's a favorite pattern of mine, that I call Lady of the Lake. I forget what BB called it. HERE "Lend and Borrow"

On another winter projects note, I want to show you the beautiful hand crocheted pieces Mel sent me a few weeks ago. Mel is Melody here in blog comments, or you may know her as her writing name of Harmne. She is an expert crocheter and she so kindly turned her talents to making me some warmies for walking Mo in the cold winter days.

This was a surprise! Color blocked cowl.

Sooo cheerful and pretty and really warm.

And this is the set we designed together. Well, 90% Mel, 10% me.

The fabric is a linen-y/ cotton/ acrylic tweed, soft and warm and  subtle. Mel's stitches are absolutely even and perfect. I am in awe.

I asked for ruffles! I love ruffles.

Also a head band and my requested fingerless mittens.

I love them all. It took me awhile to take pics because I was busy wearing everything.

With the mittens I have the notion to add wool appliqued flowers. Not sure, because it maybe ruins the more grownup sophisticated style of the set?


I don't have any new beach pics for you all, the entrance is deeply flooded still. We'll check it later when we go out. Maybe I can cross through with wellies on? It's too cold to wade through like I do with summer storm floods.
 Have a good week!



gone to the beach....

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