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Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!


Trick or treat! 

C'mon over to the beach and get your Reese's Cups--or an apple, if you must, we'll put on our spooky make up and go the parade!

I hope to have better Mo pictures to add.
He's a good sport, my little man. I bribe him with deli turkey treats.

He's a LOBSTER! Hahaha.

Here's a tiny jackolantern quilt.

I made it years ago when I was teaching myself to paper piece. Someone gave me a little bag of Halloween fancy buttons and I sewed them on the sample here.

I still like it, a cutie...
This is one of my favorite quilts. It's a cheddar Double Wedding Ring quilt,  isn't that so cool!

When my friend the quilt dealer called me, and said he had a cheddar Wedding Ring quilt, mint condition.----I snapped it up, sight unseen.

All hand stitched and hand quilted, in a little pumpkin seed motif.

The rings are mid-tone solids and tiny ginghams, always finishing up with a pink and blue Four Patch in the ring corners. There is always at least one deep red wedge in each arc, which adds to the motion and eye appeal.

The binding is a disappointment and I hope someday to rebind it in turkey red. The seller even sent the red solid for the redo, but I 've never gotten around to doing that chore.

I believe it dates from the mid 20th century.
It reminds me of Abstract Impressionist work by painters like Frank Stella, 1960s.

Image result for painting by frank stella

Hope your Halloween is fun! And spooky.



gone to he beach...........