I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gathering My Thoughts

Or so I pretend! Hi, guys!

Today I just want to share a few small tidbits....mundane-ity? Quotidian life in late winter, as I struggle to overcome this stupid respiratory infection that has now lingered for FIVE weeks, sigh.
Spring sky? Perhaps....

But first, best!
Here is Mr. Mockingbird, singing in the barren bayberry bush, up on the dunes. I have seen only the one mockingbird since Sandy, his lady friend has deserted him, yet here he sings and looks so handsome and hopeful.

I am pretty sure he'll find a mate soon. A pair always nests here in the dunes...

And I wanted to show you my devilled eggs, from Easter.

They were yummy.  My kids asked why I don't make them more often? No real reason, they are essentially the same as egg salad, just finer chopped celery and less mayo. [blop of horseradish, sprinkle of paprika or parsley and there ya go. ] "Jumbo" eggs work the best.

I love the vintage special egg plates! So mid-century American, so Mrs. Cleaver or Betty Crocker---iconish of housewifely perfection and strange foods.

They're a fun item to find at the flea market, anyone can use one or two of the early 20th century plates. But then, you know, you don't need a whole bunch of egg plates, so the shadow of yet another  burdensome dust catching collection does not arise...
This unmarked version has a full blown parrot tulip, tiny daffodils,  and sweet primroses, very Easter-y

[I used to have three. One is blue milkglass, I use it for summer days. But now I can find only this one. I wonder....?]

And today's handsewing, a fun thing to do if you've made a quilt for an older child. I made this flannel Log Cabin ages ago, for my son. He likes it okay but only uses it if he has friends sleep over and someone needs a cozy coverlet to crash on the floor.

But the fun part is that he collects souvenir patches, mostly from his skiing adventures,..

also from friends...

and some golf venues, etc....

He remembers to bring the patches and asks me to sew them on, so I know it is something he enjoys. I never remind him or suggest.

He likes the souvenirs of everywhere he has been, I think. It's a fun, no strings/ no stress way for a kid to use his quilt as a keepsake, isn't it? And with today's ephemeral digital pictures, captured in phones that get discarded at least yearly, these may be the only thing he'll have  for a ''scrapbook'' of his life.

More updates in a day or two, things are getting finished and heading off to the quilter~ Yay!



           gone to the beach...