I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Another Summer

Hi! The rains stopped briefly and we had three gorgeous HOT summer days for the first long weekend here at the beach. It's hard to adjust, one day in a parka and heavy pants, the next day digging out last year's shorts and praying that they fit. [Yay, they do!] The nights were so hot it was hard to sleep without air conditioning, but I resisted; today is again cold grey rain, had to turn on the bathrooms' heaters for showers this AM.

Mo was super overheated and refused to walk. Poor little man in his dense fur coat. He thinks if he doesn't make eye contact with me, I won't make him walk.

Then off to the beach! I always wish I could bring Mo along, but realistically he couldn't / wouldn't walk that far on a hot day, even if permitted.
The dunes are greening up.

The roses are in bloom.

So many blooms this year! They smell so sweet, so summery.

Kit asked if there were crowds. It seemed busy, going from this:

to this:

But not really crowded. This is as busy as my beach area gets. It would take untold hundreds of thousands of beachgoers to fill the open acres of sand here--and wherever would they park?! But, look---people.

I sat and sewed. Bitty came out and her quilting recommenced. I am sadly out of practice for sewing in high winds.

I did the hand sewing on my Days in the Country too but dawdled and didn't start the embroidery.
The adult birds were out, but no babies. Too many strangers. Oystercatchers, my pair who live on my beach's western boundary:

Gully, looking very perky and handsome.

You may note the washed up unraked seaweed, the green messy line on the shore. It is left there during June for the baby birds, who learn to feed on tiny organisms.

For my walking tally I have been relying on my iPhone's step counter, but I think I'll go back to Map My Walk. The distance to the shoreline is about 3/4 of a mile or 1 1/2 mile round trip. The count here, plus three Mo walks is obviously wrong. And I certainly did not climb 13 stories or stairways yesterday,lol. Many days the count shows no stairs climbed at all, yet I have to go up one flight every time I go into the house as my home is hurricane-raised.

Speaking of flights, the airshow with the Thinderbirds was exciting. This group doesn't fly low like the Blue Angels do, so no photos to share, no jets for Mo to chase.

I hope your week is good.



gone to the beach....

PS The red buoy was gone by Saturday AM. Never saw how it was moved, though I kept a close watch. I suppose it will be refurbished and reused, though maybe not here since there is a new channel marker set out already.

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