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Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy St Paddy's Day!

Hi! Happy St. Patrick's Day.

This is a big holiday here in NY, and in other big cities like Chicago [where they dye the river green!].

Mo is all decked out and ready for his green beer and corned beef on rye:

I can dance a jig, mommy!

Today the grocery store had masses of delightful St P flowers, some with cute little leprechaun hats!

Bells of Ireland.

Real shamrocks.

When I was in the check out line an older man behind me had half a dozen big bouquets, he looked so pleased! Though when I tried to ask him about his purchase ["Those are so pretty! For some lucky ladies, I see?"], he ignored me, just muttering  about how I had a full car in a 20 item lane. Gee. (The cashier had insisted on checking me out, he was doing nothing, not a soul around...until this guy arrived with his flowers, and his NYC hurry it up attitude.) I hope the man cheers up for his party or parade.

Funny things seen out and about....

Enjoy your weekend!



gone to the beach...........

PS Sunny today but very cold. 45 mph winds with wind chill in the low twenties. I hope the wind lessens a bit tomorrow so I can go see if my oystercatchers have arrived.