I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flea Market Treasures...November

Hi everyone! Before I show you this past Sunday's flea finds, I must show you:

Yes, tonight! A rainbow! In November, isn't that wonderful....it made me so happy.
Sunday's fun flea market made me happy too.
Perfect day, nice and cool. Good ''stuff'', not Granny's garage sale leftovers.

I felt energetic enough to actually buy something this week. Which has not been the case recently, I just wander in a daze then go home.
I've been watching this adorable white ironstone milk jug for awhile.

I love the crazed crackle and discoloration, had even seen almost the exact one on Pinterest. [below, Pinterest version]

Like I need another pitcher, right? But...but! Wait.
C'mon! The dealer looked grumpy but when he said 3 bucks, oh how can I go wrong!

Yep I got it. (And the man was nice, he just looked snarky, poor guy. lol.)

At the booth of a favorite seller, the man who usually sells the very old English transferware, I was disappointed to find no china, but I said Hi, and rummaged through messy bins and found great old buttons and a brass needle case. Carved, studded 19th century mother of pearl, plus some fancy glass.

When I was paying for the buttons, I mentioned that I am searching for old junky [not gold or silver/ not plastic] thimbles, and he came up with two! Including a very tiny one, size six. Which he kindly tossed in the bag with buttons. Now my prim thimble collection is begun.
Will I someday regret saying No to the very ugly pink plastic thimble?  I hope not.

Someday I want to have a bowl like This! via Pinterest, below.

Then from another dealer I often buy from [the ''Moss Rose" pitcher, the glass heart dishes]...I got this wonderful primitive Bennington-style big spatterware bowl.

I love the brown colors and drips!

And I have nothing like it in my admittedly too huge yelloware (yellow ware?) collection.
They also had the teeny tiniest little blue striped bowl, so cute!

It's the size of a small cereal bowl---maybe 1 1/2 Cups? and like the white jug it is nicely crackled and aged but perfect.

Then the linen dresser scarf...cut-work and embroidery.

Not washed yet. It will be used for lavender hearts or doll/ angel dresses. Except maybe it's too nice to cut up?

A weird thing happened at this dealer's booth. Since the bowls were heavy and it was just about the first booth I'd stopped by, I asked the guy if he'd hang onto my stuff while I shopped. He said Sure...but when I returned an hour later, someone had unpacked all my purchases and strewn them back around the booth. Only the big bowl was still in the bag! Someone had 'shopped' my treasures and luckily found them wanting. I was upset that the dealers had allowed this...learned my lesson: take 5 minutes to bring heavy things to the car where they'll be safe! Unless one's car is towed, ya never know at this market. Oh nevermind...

Tonight I made chocolate chip-orange pound cake with Trader Joe's bittersweet chocolate chunks. My friend B is coming to visit, for tea and a thrifting day. And maybe a yarn shop!?
Wish us luck! And sunny weather!



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