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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Farmers' Market Strawberries, Blueberries

Hi guys!

Ha! I thought I'd come home today from the farmers market with a wonderful picture story about luscious juicy bright red just-picked strawberries. But NO! Seems the crop is very late because of the chilly spring.

But I do have strawberries and blueberries for you, in my etsy shop.

Made from a single Civil War [?] era quilt square!

The faded rosy red print looked like strawberry vines to me.


Some patches were soft sage-khaki. Another square in this group of old blocks shows the calico print pattern was once pansies. sigh. I didn't cut that block up.


Strawberry gelato, creamy/ tan and pink now, 150 years later.

Blueberries--or should I call them blue strawberries?

This one has lots of black, with tiny pale pink-y flowers.


This berry is all cadet blue, obviously a stronger fabric or dye here. [And its presence makes me think these blocks are worked on through the late 1800s?]


This quilt was my photo prop today. I wanted to show it to you---it too is a rescue quilt, from my flea. For some reason any quilt that appears there is unloved, tattered, dirty. I feel compelled to bring them home and save them.

''postage 9-Patch'' or ''Single Irish Chain''

Like the blue polka dots quilt I showed you a few weeks ago, I intended to sell this baby but just look at the adorable tiny 1" pastel squares.

 And fine if simple quilting.

Too sweet to end up a ''cutter'' on eBay, right? (I say that as my quilts cupboard bulges like a fat guy at a pie eating contest, lol. I have taken to hanging newer purchases in my winter coat storage closet. The coats can go to storage at the dry cleaner....)

Back to the market: asparagus is still very in season. I made fresh pasta with asparagus, lemon and feta cheese for dinner. Just those simple ingredients , no recipe. Add some butter, lots of black pepper. Yummy on a foggy night.

And peonies were the flower of the week. Peony season---just a short week or two in early June.

The display was very creative, all kinds of old milk bottles and pickle jars. My thrifting heart just went a-pitter patter.

I loved her twig chair.


This grower's flowers were so beautiful, though pricey at 15.oo for 6 stems.

What's blooming in your garden?



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still waiting June 4, 2014

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