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Monday, October 31, 2016

I Love a Parade! Especially a Doggy Parade

Hi! Happy Halloween to all my friends here! Welcome to the neighborhood annual Halloween Doggy Parade.

Mo was the star! He is Captain Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mo greeted all his little friends then decided to lead the way. Unfortunately for The Plan, Mo led everyone out to his favorite bench, instead of around the block and down the street.

He was hilarious. He got everyone out there then presided over the festivities from his bench.

After awhile he got a little sleepy!

Later we did stroll around a bit. It was so funny and so fun.

I wish the sun had not been so bright and glaring. My pictures didn't come out too great. Some costumes were wonderful. My neighbor's  shy little chug was exceptional---big real feather Victoria's Secret angel wings...in black! Plus little ankle bracelets, all lace and feathers, and a sign saying she had been a rescue dog.

Mo's costume needed a LOT of  alterations, LOL. I said I'm afraid Mo needs a chubette or husky size. I added about 5" to the neck, and shortened the pants almost 2" The package [size Large] said sized for a Boxer or medium to large sized dog! Huh. Maybe a Boxer puppy.

We practiced all last week to learn to wear the costume. The fake arms were distracting , as was the hat. But Mo will do anything for a treat!

"Noooo! Don' wanna, mommy!"

"I'm too tired!"

My friends went with us. This is their back steps. I love the driftwood pumpkins and mums in stoneware crocks.

And my front door....

Hope you get treats tonight! No tricks.

PS Speaking of tricks, Mo's walker has taught him a new trick; ''Touchdown!''  Mo sits up and throws his arms in the air, like a ref saying Touchdown.
 Do you dress up your dogs or cats? Do you teach them tricks?  Always makes me laugh..

Dread Pirate Mo



gone to the beach...

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween! Every year my friend and I go to the pumpkin patch. Just us, no kiddies---we're not ''too old'', even if the kids now are. In fact I'll never be too old for this special treat.
This is the pretty garden center over the bridge on the mainland. Not too far, an easy drive and it was a gorgeous sunny day.

Lots of pictures, I'm leaving them in the order I took them, so that you can join us on our pumpkin search.
Brilliant color greets you as you enter the grounds.

Pink windflowers, brown-eyed susans, bronze coral bells.

Pre-planted bushel baskets, love the combos of plants, colors.

Expansive greenhouses full of Fall goodies...

I was taken by the beautiful old blue ladder, of all things.

 And I loved these giant deck pots, glazed in glorious colors. No prices, though. [I was hoping they were on sale but they seemed to be just stored here.]

Every pumpkin and gourd you can imagine!

My neighbors decorated their yard and deck with these very large funny gourds, below, and giant orange pumpkins, plus a ghost or two.

Inside were the fairy gardens, all decked out for Halloween.

And ooooh, look! Polka Dot pumpkins.


Then the outdoor pumpkin patch, all the gorgeous punks, glowing in the afternoon sun.

As you leave, more beautiful flowers and planting, these are perennials and grasses mostly.

Love these coneflowers.

Rustic sap buckets form a waterfeature on the left

For the quilters who visit, does this not look just like a Kaffe Fasset print! here

one version, below.

As for me, I went home empty handed. I was overwhelmed by the choices. Silly me.  My faves:
the pastel striped guy on the right~
but Warty is verrry cute too!

The huge green and orange striped carving pumpkin.

The white, the turquoise...? Polka dots?

Srripey on the left....

My friend was more focused. Here is her front steps.

Abundance of autumn joy....thanks for joining us!

gone to the beach....