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Monday, October 31, 2016

I Love a Parade! Especially a Doggy Parade

Hi! Happy Halloween to all my friends here! Welcome to the neighborhood annual Halloween Doggy Parade.

Mo was the star! He is Captain Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mo greeted all his little friends then decided to lead the way. Unfortunately for The Plan, Mo led everyone out to his favorite bench, instead of around the block and down the street.

He was hilarious. He got everyone out there then presided over the festivities from his bench.

After awhile he got a little sleepy!

Later we did stroll around a bit. It was so funny and so fun.

I wish the sun had not been so bright and glaring. My pictures didn't come out too great. Some costumes were wonderful. My neighbor's  shy little chug was exceptional---big real feather Victoria's Secret angel wings...in black! Plus little ankle bracelets, all lace and feathers, and a sign saying she had been a rescue dog.

Mo's costume needed a LOT of  alterations, LOL. I said I'm afraid Mo needs a chubette or husky size. I added about 5" to the neck, and shortened the pants almost 2" The package [size Large] said sized for a Boxer or medium to large sized dog! Huh. Maybe a Boxer puppy.

We practiced all last week to learn to wear the costume. The fake arms were distracting , as was the hat. But Mo will do anything for a treat!

"Noooo! Don' wanna, mommy!"

"I'm too tired!"

My friends went with us. This is their back steps. I love the driftwood pumpkins and mums in stoneware crocks.

And my front door....

Hope you get treats tonight! No tricks.

PS Speaking of tricks, Mo's walker has taught him a new trick; ''Touchdown!''  Mo sits up and throws his arms in the air, like a ref saying Touchdown.
 Do you dress up your dogs or cats? Do you teach them tricks?  Always makes me laugh..

Dread Pirate Mo



gone to the beach...


  1. Touchdown!!!!!!

    You have our little condo filled with laughter. I took my tablet to Dear One to read your post and we both started laughing so hard.

    Thank you from both of us and tell the Captain, "Argh."


  2. Hahaha! You smarty pants, you surprised us! One of the best posts EVER! Oh my gosh, he's so funny, leading the other pups to his bench and then taking a little breather :) You're a good Mommy, using treats to train him for wearing the costume. Good thing you're experienced enough to be able to alter it.

    Thanks Lizzy, a wonderful way to start our Halloween!

    Oh, no dressing up the Kittys. I doubt any of them would sit still for it. Just realized it's three years this week that we took in the three feral girls...they sure have changed!

    Happy Halloween,


    1. Hi! Happy Halloween. Mo was sooo good! Pugs are so trainable,lol. The kitties do well to overcome growing up feral, noneed to add costumes. Tho of course *I* would...little frilly collars? Tuna is a good kitty bribe!



  3. Mo is a Winner! He looks dashing - ARRRRRRRRRR! Can definitely see why he was so exhausted. The driftwood punkins are great.

    1. I m looking for my own driftwood pumpkins! I think they are from One Kings Lane, online.

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  5. Sorry, I missed a big typo and had to start over.

    I'm glad you explained the VS costume because I couldn't figure out what it was! What is a 'chug'? Pug and ???

    I liked the driftwood pumpkins, too - I've never seen anything like that.

    And Mo is ADORABLE in his pirate hat!! Even without the rest of the costume! It just fits his personality. I loved that he led the parade HIS way. Quite a character you have there!

    You know, some of Mo's 'adventures' (and misadventures) might make a good book for kids (of all ages, lol!)... You could write it and illustrate it, sell it on Amazon... I'd buy one!

    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Hi Mel...A Mo Book, how funny!

      A ''chug'' is a pug / chihuahua mix, or sometimes a puggle [pug - beagle cross] / chihuahua mix. This dog is bigger than Mo so I am dubious that she is entirely Pug/ Chihuahua. Since she is a rescue dog, her origins are unknown. Such a sweet girl! Terrified of Mo, who adores her.

  6. OMG!! He makes the best pirate - ever! What a great event and costume! Kit

    1. t was so fun! Dread PIrate Mo says, "Argh!"

  7. Oh my gracious! He made a great pirate, even if I did feel sorry for him.


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