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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dotty 365 Project ~ October -November: The End!

Hi! Can you imagine?! A whole year has passed since I---many of us---began Audrey's Quilty 365 Dots Project. My 366 Dots are finished.

The quote at the end of my go-along-with diary: "The days go so slow, but the years---they go too fast." This really sums up how I feel about the chronicled year, and about life in general. I suppose there is good and bad in everything.

For October I decided to use many of my Fall and Halloween fabrics.

I switched out the text squares for text prints that referred to Halloween or autumn.

As always within those parameters I chose each day's Dot to represent my experience of that day.
A trip to the dog park, a section of P2 finished.

A birthday.

Buying mums, and a trip to the pumpkin patch.

My tame feral kitties.

A magical full moon.

sewing, decorating...

migrating birds and butterflies, Halloween costume planning.

Halloween , of course.

And yes, I snuck ahead 5 days and finished where I began, on November 5. [so this block actually will be set side.]

I finally sat down and drew out the plan for the Dotties. There will be 19 rows of 20 Dots, beginning as I did last November. The sketch is wrong, I can't read my own writing, lol. But the premise should work out, with 14 extra spaces to fill in addition to the 366 Dots. [Leap Year.]

There will be a blank square between each month, with the extra blanks set at New Year's maybe. I had thought the spacer squares should be bold, tried these dots,

but I don't like the look and prefer to just use a subtle un-polka dotty text instead. Otherwise we'll be looking at those stupid squares instaed of all the Dotties.

There will be a narrow border. I hoarded this text in my fave dusty turquoise, only to find I don't like that either.

The border will be these pencils [as in writing a diary/ keeping a diary];

 or maybe this ink spot Dot.

I bought two backings last summer. The seashell-beachy journal one was to go with with the aqua border, the very large text w/ the other choices. [2" + size words here.] Again, as I laid the choices out and also looking at the photos, I am 99% sure the large graphic text print will be the backing.

All of these text images and seasonal Dots will  someday be clues that this quilt is a diary of my year.

I began the project with some goals---improve my needle turn applique skills. Focus on mindfulness daily. And I wanted to have a successful written diary or journal of my year. I love the idea of journaling but except for sketch journals, travel diaries, nature journals and years of shared journals with my mom, I have never managed to keep a journal going more than a few weeks.

Until now.

I wrote in my little pink journal pretty much every single evening, if only to say it had been a difficult and painful day. Or, hahaha, that it had rained or snowed, or Mo had a bath at the groomer van. My life is small, but it's mine.

As with years of nature journaling, in the end I preferred drawing to writing, much as I love to write and ramble on.

Will I hand quilt or have it machine quilted? That I do not know yet.

What do I wish I'd done differently?: I wish I'd been more careful cutting the backing squares, some are not square or wrong size, how did that happen? I wish I'd begun sewing the squares together each month. And I wish I had begun the project on the more logical January 1st slot.

Which brings me t my last thought, for now anyway: Will I miss the Dotties, would I do this again? Yes and yes. My current thought is to begin anew in January 2017, if after a lull I am still inspired. The 2017 quilt will be shades of blue/ black/ turquoise, utilizing my scraps of antique Japanese and American indigo fabrics if I can find them, plus batiks. And if indeed it is a quilt at all.

To see the other Dotty 365 projects, please visit our very generous and kind host's blog: Audrey at Quilty FolkAudrey has taken the time to set up Linkys each month for an entire year for our project. Thank you, Audrey!

I hope you enjoyed sharing my year.



gone to the beach....


  1. Isn't it fun to see when someone has so thoroughly enjoyed a project?

    I absolutely love the idea of a pencil border with the journal theme of the quilt.

    I hope you're having a great day.

    Thanks for sharing your project.


  2. It's amazing that we've persevered for an entire year, and even more amazing is that you've kept that lovely diary of your year. Interesting that you're considering another year of circles, I'm planning a year (or more) of tiny appliqued baskets.

  3. Marvelous post - and I agree that the blank text print squares and large text print backing (not to mention those diary writing pencils) are excellent choices. I too am contemplating some sort of 2017 journal/diary project. Not circles but something.

  4. On one hand I'm sure this year has dragged along, dealing with pain, etc. On the other hand - where did the time go?!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished quilt but at the same time I think I'll miss the dots, too. I'm not sure *I* would want to take on another entire year of dots, but if *you* do I hope you share!

    I love the pencil print but I think I like the ink spot dots better as the border. Maybe you could use a bit of the pencils in a single piece at the end where there are several spaces together, like 'putting down the pencil' at the end? The backing print is great, I can't picture anything better!

    At the beginning of your project I thought the idea was 'a bit dotty' and I couldn't imagine how it could be fun or interesting, but now I have been won over. I can easily imagine someone 100 years from now discovering your quilt (and maybe the diary, too!) exploring every dot, treasuring the 'time capsule' in the quilt!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi! I m glad you liked the project ['s intentions] in the end. A time capsule is a good description! And it truly was fun. But you did put me off doing Baskets next year...but see above, other quilters like the idea too.Right now I just want to finish all the projects dragging along this year....



  5. Well Done! for finishing the project. I like the squares of text and the pencil border. It's all looking great.

  6. A whole year... Just writing the words has made me pause for a minute. Such is life.

    I am tickled with your fun October dots, and am, as ever, thankful for your willingness to share bits of your life with us.

    I kind of dig that you didn't start yours on the 1st of January, but I do understand your desire to do so next time...if there is a next time :)

    I too have often made the comment that I live a small life. Yes, it's ours, and it's good :)

    Enjoy the weekend,


    1. Hi! Yes, I m resigned to my small life! Despite its ups and dopwn and painful joints, I am blessed with a good life, however small.

      Thanks for your kind comments about Dotty. You always"get" my ideas/ intentions. And yeah, I thought starting in Nov was gonna be cool, and I m not a rule or calender or clock follower...but in the end conventional ways are sometimes best for expressing a concept, especially for posterity, when the item may be viewed by people who don t know the maker.

      Thanks again!



  7. I think this quilt is awesome, what a great way to "record" a year. Very nice combinations. :) Kit

    1. Thanks Kit! It was interesting and fun.

  8. Thanks for sharing that quote which perfectly sums up my feelings about this project - I can't believe the year is over, after it seemed so far away when I started. I too am considering options for a new daily project next year.

  9. I loved following along your dotty project!


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