I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Autumn in Blue, with Cheddar Orange

Hello, everyone! Fall has finally arrived at the beach. It's bright and sunny but a chill is in the air.

Cold fronts blowing through have brought many tiny birds to my sky. The most I have ever seen. [click to enlarge so you can see the almost Hitchcockian swarms of birds from this morning.]

Mo was very upset by the birds. Or something. Haunts?

So now that Fall is a reality, I did some indoor styling, just adding hints of colors to my usual color scheme. This year I decided to keep my cottage decor dressed in its standard blue and white, but with easy additions of bright orange, pumpkin, and ''cheddar'' to give a fun Halloween air.

Instead of digging out my brown and sepia transferware, I used deep cobalt blue pitchers, filled with bittersweet and drying sunflowers, along with an indigo blue/ cheddar/ red small quilt.

Some things got moved around to protect them from Mo's current binge of naughtiness, so you may see something twice, same but different.

Always have to have candy corn, filling my grandma's candy jar.

Another antique candy jar, at the back. Handblown,Sandwich glass, early 1800s. Filled with heart shaped cooky cutters and choclate molds.

Most of my pumpkin-colored and also brown glazed bowls reside on this blue rack.

Sunflowers and pineapple drieds.

 real pumpkins...

 Quilts on the beds.


A fall-at-the-beach toned table runner, from Cape Cod Christmas Tree Shop. It's sari cloth remnants with hand sewed couching embroidered seams.

After Halloween I'll start removing the very bright orange pieces and the Jackolanterns, moving towards a more subtle blue and brown palette, maybe, for November.
[below, favorite mini quilt I made many years ago.]

Mark your calendars, guys! Friday we are going to the pumpkin patch. Glorious colors, I promise.

Photo with shoes by the door. For Mel who always wants a glimpse of Real Life.



gone to the beach...

Beach photo from my friend L...