I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Hello, everyone! Is it drizzly by you?
Do you like a rainy day now and then?

I have to say I enjoy a grey day with a bit of rain, especially if I have an "in" day on my schedule.

I like waking up to the rain--not a storm, just Rain---plopping on my windows.

No bright sunshine to entice me to busily run errands or go spring shopping...(I was good! I grocery shopped and cleaned on Monday. Reeeally!)

On the other hand this morning when I checked my computer for messages and the weather report, I found my monitor had gone wacko during the night and was now all stretched out horizontally! More on that fix later...

By the time  I got things back to normal I was ready to get out and headed to the deserted grey beach to clear my head and refocus my eyes.
Back home I finished some new all-lavender [no polyfil] white hearts...

Some for my etsy shop,

some to fill orders....

And then I dug out fabric and laces for a new idea I have...


Now as I write this the rain is truly pouring down my windows here. Maybe I won't have to wash them? Lazy old me.

As for the monitor I fixed it myself! by googling the problem and reading suggestions online, here. NO need to beg my kids for help, yay! I feel so proud...and am no longer cross-eyed. btw, it was totally easy to fix but you'd never know how unless some kind tech-soul didn't walk you/me thru it.

On a fashion note, these totally cool wellies from Hunter (cool slideshow on home page) now come in duck egg blue! here 

To die for! They were featured in Martha Stewart Living's blue issue for April '11. Have to sell a LOT of hearts to afford a blue pair.......



gone to the beach