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Monday, May 6, 2019

May Baskets ~ More Quilts

A "May Basket" on a mossy grey fence.
Hi, guys! As I show my String Baskets project [previous post] , I am surprised at how many people say they do not like basket blocks/ Basket quilts:"Not fond of"/ ''not a favorite...." etc, quilters politely tell me.
Baskets, to me seem so universally charming, so it came as a bit of a surprise. Anyway, I'm a fan of Baskets and here are some more Basket quilts to enjoy.

This Tiny Baskets is the first basket quilt added to my collection.

It was a much damaged top, obviously well used; once tied or knotted, the dealer had removed the backing and batting. Over a long spring and summer I gathered antique fabrics to replace the torn or faded blocks. Original posts HERE   and  HERE 

I dragged it to the beach all summer hand sewing the little 5" Baskets then setting them in. Blocks removed but repairable were  reinforced and made into small lavender pillows. I still love it! Could never have afforded a complete Tiny Baskets in good condition. It dates from the early 20th century, perhaps. Oddly now, 10 years later, even I am not sure which blocks are mine and which are originals.

Here are Tiny Baskets layered for May, with a crib quilt, palest soft blue. A thrift shop find.

Basket blocks:

An ongoing project, intended to be a Baskets strippy quilt. I just need a few more vintage blocks.

A different Tiny Baskets quilt I made for one of Lori's swaps. I designed and made the pattern from memory of ones I'd seen . 4" blocks.

I do wish I had kept this one! Must make another someday.

Baskets/ Flower Swag border from Summertime , aka Spring Break by Jan Patek. Rosettes by my friend Sue McQuade.

Cute folk art birds from another slow  going project.

And here, on  Pokeberry Quilt:

I changed the design, added the Kitty.


So, what do you  think ?----You like Baskets, you hate Baskets, they're too representational, they're too ''twee''? Or you love them and think they're classic and adorable? You can tell which side of the fence I am on!

Below, a May wreath, so pretty, like wildflowers.



gone to the beach...

no beach, due to torrential rain and flooded beach, but Mo enjoyed the "pink snow" blown down by the winds.

A moss covered fairy rock! If this was in my garden [if I had a garden!] it wold definitely get a fairy castle and tiny flowers around it--- some sweet tiny winged creatures must live nearby.