I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, March 4, 2016

Thrift Shops and Snow Days

Hello! It's March! March blew in the other day with a strange wind squall, blew open all my doors! And scared me and Mo in the late evening quiet. Today we woke up to snow,

a Hokusai / Japanese print kind of morning. [Google images]

the frozen koi pond

I always think of march as our snowiest month. The ocean is finally cold and the soft wet snow sticks to the beach and the bare branches.

My friend and I went thrifting. I'm still penny pinching, but I had a small list and actually found what I needed.
Some men's shirts for my Wild Geese quilt project. I'm using my friend's shirts but he tends to be very conservative in his choices, so I added a few plaids. XXXL. On sale for a whopping $5.67, which I suppose is a bargain now that cotton is 14.oo a yard.

Beautiful soft fluffy flannel for my quilt backings stash. 4 yards, 1.99. Much nicer once washed. I wish I bought the other two pieces.

An expensive but pretty white on white quilted pillow sham. 10.99. Machine quilted, probably would cost the same at Home Goods.

A candlestick for a velvet fruit pin keep. I'm thinking a big fat classic tomato, maybe.

Awesome / amazing Alpine hiking boots. I just love the Tyrolean accents, speaks to my Swiss roots, I guess. I 've wanted these classic boots for years as I pore over the ski clothes  or Sundance catalogs.

Oiled leather and look at these great grip-y soles, for me, the one who is so clumsy on ice and snow. A good buy but no bargain, 39.99. [But my size! never worn!]

And I could not pass up this small Blue Birds china platter. I love the crazed, crackled glaze and old funny 20's cottage effect.

I knew I had a similar platter from the Fall flea, though, so one or both may go onto my etsy page, to share.

I think the little birds and roses are so sweet. Like Disney's Snow White birds.

I was surprised to see the new platter is by a different maker, not Homer Laughlin, of Fiestaware fame. I thought Blue Bird china was always Laughlin, so that was an interesting note.

We then tried to find a supposedly new local quilt store, but only found an empty building with For Rent signs. Too bad. And a quick stop at Joann's, my sole live fabric resource. Ugh! What a chaotic place that is. Took me an hour to find spray baste...and they stock only a few types of basic ''sharps'' needles, what's with that? Hello, I sew, I need needles. Hard to order needles online, I need to see them, being partial to very thin long milliners or straw needles. Hard to find.

Back home I have my 1.49 thrifty daffodils. [Trader Joe's] They do brighten a grey snowy day, don't they?

And a new candle, exceptional fragrance, called Bergamot Water [from B&BW]. Bergamot  is the scent of Earl Grey tea, so the candle's perfume fills the house with a cozy smell.

I also ordered two Georgia Peach candles, my all time fave, and another with bergamot scent, called London---tea and lemon ''flavor". Bath and Body Works Candles, free shipping HERE

Have a great weekend! I hope to finish the borders of Pokeberry! And prep some thing for hand sewing, because believe it or not next week is supposed to be 70*! Beach days! Yay!



gone to the beach....

no shops or items mentioned were sponsors, just sharing my resources w/ friends. Japanese print images form Google.