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Friday, October 7, 2016

Out and About

Hi! Happy Friday! I am breathing sighs of relief because Hurricane Matthew is NOT supposed to head to north to NY. Instead of doing hurricane evacuation prep, yesterday my friend and I went out for a bit of a shopping day. Our goal was to find a Halloween costume for Mo. I wasn't  planning on dressing Mo up because I can't maybe take him out trick or treating, but my kids want Mo to have a costume. Sad to say, the only outfit left on the rack at Home Goods was a XXXL hot dog costume that would fit a great Dane.

I did find a sweet little Fall jacket for Mo, very soft red corduroy with an even softer plush lining. Mo looks cute in red!

Gotta give HG credit, they did still have pumpkin-y decor and the Christmas things are not yet out on the shelves.

We popped into TJ Maxx too.

Lovely cozy-looking sweaters, but it was just toooo hot to think about buying sweaters.

Inspired me to want to knit something though. Maybe:? This?  or This I'd make the sleeves long and put thumbholes!

We had the most fun at Trader Joe's as usual.
Fall tulips!

Adorable baby mums, in fancy styles.

I love the little stripey button mums.

This year I did them in my spatterware/ graniteware buckets instead of in crocks.

Good food ideas too. Look at these tiny butternut squashes, what a great idea.

Actually called Honeynut squash. Did not try mine yet, I'll let you know if they're tasty.

And I couldn't resist this pasta and sauce.  Usually I don't buy premade sauce in a jar, bu this looked so different and good.

And these tiny pumpkin shaped pastas!

Perfect for a fast meal some fall evening. I got another pasta that is tiny beggar's purses, like crimped tortellini, filled with prosciutto and cheese. Yum!

Hope you have a good weekend.



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