I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Searching for Spring....

Hi!  Another stormy day here at the beach. The rain must be blowing straight from the south off the beach, as it is pouring on my deck and dry in the front of the house.

Spring is not due to arrive for another week. And  if we're honest, it may not show up here for another two months at least.

I fought the 30 mph winds and got the back door open. Looked for the feral kitties, to give them their dinner. But no, the kitties want no part of this ugly wet day.

The other day I was reading an Internet debate about  ''when spring begins'' and there's a contingent out there that believes  meteorological spring, as opposed to astronomical spring [vernal equinox] begins March first! These people must live in the southern realms of the US because no spring here until May or even June. (And winter begins after Christmas, folks, not December first, when the leaves are finally changing. Yeesh!) Best to stick to the stars.

Anyway all that science stuff doesn't keep me from at least looking for spring! Are the oystercatchers back?? [not yet].

Are the snow drops in bloom?

I was thrilled that the tiny fragile bulbs survived the saltwater flooding of H. Sandy. Keep your fingers crossed for my hydrangeas!

Mostly I've been filling the house with  supermarket spring. Nothing says springtime like a Mason jar full of Cadbury eggs.

And I buy tulips, lots of tulips. How to choose each week, as I clutch my pennies metaphorically in my sweaty yearning hands. I adore parrot tulips...

These were  irresistable, creamy curly dense pearl white with green stripes.

Oooh la la!
Pennies well spent.

So special. I only see parrot tulips for a couple weeks each spring....

And who could pass up  a $1.99 pot of heavenly blue grape hyacinths?

The color is so...perfect, isn't it.

And I am not above  trotting out some absolute fakes, like this charming English porcelain find from the thrift shop.


I am sewing endless leaves on my Porch quilt, nursing an annoying case of the sniffles, and staying dry. I hope the rain clears soon so I can see the comet!

What are you guys up too? Enjoying the longer evenings, or hating to get up an hour early?
Any comets in your skies?



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