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Monday, January 15, 2018

Mid-January ~ Let's Plant our Spring Bulbs

Good Monday morning! Did you guys buy your paperwhite narcissus bulbs last October, as reminded? This is MLK holiday week, the Christmas stuff is all put away, so it is time to start my flower bulbs.

I didn't have a very big bulb budget this year. I only got the one box three bulbs plus these mystery amaryllis bulbs.

Maybe I meant them to be Christmas gifts? I'll grow them anyway, the leaves are peeking out at the tops.

I gathered my  containers---this year large and XL Mason jars.

And dug out the faux sea glass, with a reminder to myself to also find the black and white transferware china. The red Christmas china remains on the plate rack, bad bad bad.

I got all set up, sea glass distributed.

Uh oh. The amaryllis do not fit! They're chubbier than they look.

I used my mom's old hyacinth jars instead.

I'm using my very large half gallon  [2 litre?] Mason jar this year for the narcissus. One problem with the paperwhites is that they get tall and leggy and flop wildly every which way. Not pretty! I'm hoping the leaves and stems will grow through the interesting mesh of this jar's lid.

...and stay upright.

The daffs went into a sunny corner by the crock collection;

...amaryllis on the side bureau, also a spot with cool morning sun.

They should all bloom in about three weeks?

These kits come with plastic pots and soil disks. I don't use them but I save them for starting seeds of herbs or Easter grass in another month or so. Nothing is wasted here at the beach.

Here are the flowers at the grocery store on Friday.

Aren't they glorious. Only 3.99 a bunch, pussy willows included.

Two bunches came home with me. They make me so happy.

Im burning this delightful  Zen scented candle every afternoon and evening. It is lightly citrus scented, similar to my fav bergamot, and casts a sweet warm glow.

I also made a few changes around the house, things to please the winter weary eye. My collected birch twigs and winter berries on the bride's bench with my swan decoy.

My collection of stacked Zen inspired patience rocks, below. They also serve the purpose of falling and distracting Mo if he is barking at passing helicopters or hungry seagulls They topple noisily without hurting him.

And here are my winter crystals hung in the windows. They create the rainbows that you see in my photos.

The reason my fall budget wasn't spent on paperwhites is that I am experimenting with potted colded-off forcing out on my deck. I potted up tiny scillas, grape hyacinths, and maybe snowdrops, plus some Tete a Tete  mini daffs. And now I can check on them because over the weekend we had a brief but wonderfully warm thaw---50*! The deck glacier is gone, so happy Mo and I can walk out there now. I was able to wash my windows and sweep the sand off the deck,both  pleasing winter home tasks. [no sign of life in my potted bulb spots. Yet.]

As for Mo he is happiest, we have decided, with temps around 25-35* degrees. He enjoys the snow but not the very cold pavement of extremely low temperatures. Fawn pugs have short but very dense  fur, what is called a double-coat; the under-fur is soft like down and keeps them warm unless it is very windy. And of course Mo has plenty of cute outfits to wear also. Next on our list, pug Wellies! HERE

He was a bit miffed that for a week our bench was under a snow bank. Today, in a couple hours, we'll go out and sit despite the cold. He has his bench trick routine that he is very proud of (Mo can now count to 3!!!). Then sewing time, all those fussy squares for WW, ugh. And maybe Kindle/ phone bean bags for me and Mel?

What are you up to?



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