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Monday, January 4, 2016

December Quilty 365 Dots and other ramblings

Hi! A new week, a new year, how exciting?

Here are my Quilty 365 Dots for December, plus a few for January. These are from Dec 1 to January 3. I began November 5th, one Dot per day. So far I have made or prepped 60 Dot blocks.

You can see I can't keep up with the hand sewing. But I try.

I notice that despite choosing a fabric that resonates with each day, a month later I have no idea what that meant [hence the written diary] unless it is an obvious thing, like Santa on December 24th. And of course even the notion of ''perfect circles'' is an oxymoron, as is "Six Minute Circles". I figure each dot takes me 20 minutes, in total. [choose, cut, write a bit, sew]

I'm enjoying the project very much. On the other hand the accumulated dots are maybe not a Wow? Gonna hope for folky not graphic.

On the home front, the Christmas Tree and all the decorations are gone. [sad!]

The house would be blue again but poor Mo's upset tummy has triggered yet another round of slipcover, throw rug, and cushion washing.

I didn't do it!
Tomorrow I will put away the Ark and the red and green transferware. I redid my bedroom with my extra fluffy down comforter, velvety white flannels sheets, blue flannel pillow cases, cozy cream throws and a Midwestern Mennonite quilt. Mo is not allowed on my bed so I hope the quilt is safe under its layer of clear shower curtains. [tacky but better than regrets!]

And so winter has suddenly arrived!
Today was the first day I have smelled sweet wood smoke in the air, it's finally cold enough for a fireplace fire somewhere nearby. The air is so crisp and refreshing, just glorious, all dense and full of extra oxygen. Take a deep breath! Wow, it sparkles in your lungs, banishes migraines and post-holiday fatigue. The night sky is a trite but true black velvet full of diamond stars. Orion stands boldly in the southeast sky, sword and dog Sirius at his side. You can almost see him up there, watching over us.

"Oh to dance beneath the diamond skies..."

Mo seems to quite like his new sweater and new jackets. He stands quietly while I dress him warmly.

A helpful guy came by today and he reattached the baseboard heat in my craft room! I'll have to have the heat on these nights, I suppose, and a cold workroom did not appeal.

For a belated New Years dinner yesterday, I made a pork roast with a garlic-horseradish crust, coconut basil rice, and roasted curly [Savoy?] cabbage. The house smelled delicious and I ll have great leftovers all week--soup and sandwiches tonight; pork pad thai [use a box/ mix and add vegs etc], pork enchiladas...etc etc. Good warm food for cold nights.

What are you up too? Are you excited to start the new year, new projects, new habits, new interests, new---whats?



gone to the beach................

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