I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring? and the Surfing Beach

Hi everyone! Spring? pooh! Mo and I  have been as housebound as if we'd had a week long blizzard. NO snow but high wind days interspersed with heavy rain have kept us mostly home and in the sewing room.
But I promised you guys a beach walk! So here we go, bundle up. Wind chill is 27*.

See that wind speed? Sand blowing 50 MPH is not fun. And remember these readings are taken inland, not here at the beach. We're having gale winds here, typically spring.

Today dawned with bright sunshine and only 25 MPH winds, so despite the near freezing temps, on my way home from errands in town I decided to stop off and check out the local surf beach
Here we are.

Finally! The boardwalk over the dunes has now been replaced. It washed away in fall of 2012, during H Sandy. The dunes here are quite steep and high and sometimes were too big a trek for me to come here for my walks, when I have to slog up the sandy faces.

I don't think my photos can truly express the wild and deserted beauty of this beach. The dunes are high, the view amazing. Not a soul around for miles. Immaculate, pristine white sand.
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No surfers, it was during school hours, and the winds were blowing in an unfortunate shore break, too.

I could just wander off in blissful enjoyment, home to my beach far in the distance. But no, I left my Jeep here in the lot.

 It's a narrower steeper beach than my beach. Good for walking in wind or rain as the waterline is much closer and there aren't acres of open sand to navigate, blowing in your face, in your mouth and ears, up your nose,lol.

A helicopter flew over as I walked. I bet his view is even more spectacular.

No treasures, this is a very barren wave swept beach.

But I've found a few fun things on my own beach recently:

A very tiny lead soldier/ Napoleanonic horseman/ cavalry. Maybe 1.25 inches high.

 And an "Easter egg" pebble, so pretty!

On my way home I noticed the local ice cream stand is open. It's been here since 1951! One spring day when it's warmer, I 'll get a friend to drop me off here, then I 'll walk home along the beach from the surf beach to my own beach--enjoying one of their famous root beer/ ice cream floats. I can't wait! (The surf beach is just a block behind the ice cream stand.)

When I got home I immediately took Mo out for an extra long walk. We really enjoyed it. [post on our spring discoveries, soon.] Those endorphins and negative ions really brighten a person [and a doggy]'s moods. I do love a cold crisp bright blue day. Do you?



gone to the beach................

Mo had a visit from the groomer! He got a baseball bandana. Go, Yankees![?]