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Friday, April 13, 2018

Looking for Spring

Mail - robin750@msn.com
trom Penny in S Africa

Hi! Happy Friday the 13th! The ''unlucky'' day has finally brought us a warmer and sunny day. Today I am sharing delightfully springy photos sent to me by friends here and family, folks who don't have blogs so these will be wonderfully new views for you all.

From Mel in Kansas:

Something to look forward to in May.

From Kel in Southern California. Tropical beauties!

From Penny is South Africa, below. I ignorantly had a vision of South Africa as a place of dry grasslands, but her area is said to have a "Mediterranean" climate. Of course it is late summer to her. So reminds me of my parents' home in Cape Cod, the lush maritime weather and flowers.

Mail - robin750@msn.com

Additional info from Penny: "They're Japanese anemones (also called Windflowers). The most commonly grown here are the white and pink. They shoot up to well over a metre in Autumn and sometimes after heavy rain and Autumn winds they keel over. You also get dark pink/almost maroon ones with thin strip-like petals. 
The hydrangeas are the common white Madam Emile Moulliere (usually the cheapest white ones in the nursery). Our soil is fairly acid and they then become spotted with pink and a glorious green on the more shady side. These also dry beautifully. "

Her hydrangeas are the most perfect shade of pink.

From Cat in Scotland, a wonderful description: " As we drove home from England today, I spied from the passenger window, a carpet of snowdrops in the woods somewhere in the Scottish borders. The ground was covered in them, all lovely and white. On our way south last week, everything was covered in snow. What a difference a week makes."   Photos from Mel.  

And from my brother in the southwest. He has  a hummingbird nest in his courtyard tree! He said, "Two tiny eggs, the size of the tiny Jelly Beans." And yesterday I got a text that the eggs had hatched.  The babies must be impossibly small!

I was so wanting spring to arrive that I considered doing my main rooms in blue/ white/ daffodil yellow. [but no.]

 Flowers from Trader Joe's, tiny nosegays, including that misty grey seaside thistle.

And some local, uplifting news, Homeless Ospreys: Have a good weekend!



gone to the beach...

Our roadside or "parkway" plantings:

From the weather bug, look at the City!

Then mainland here...

keep in mind it's at least 10-15* colder where I am on the water. Parka still in use.