I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dithering Here....

The last weekend of October already! And Hurricane Sandy is on her way?

What to do!? Stay or go, sandbags or ice bags? Tape the windows, plywood the windows? Head for higher ground?

Flea market or supermarket?

Yesterday the gulls seemed unconcerned...

Just another grey and foggy day.

So? Last week the flea market was GREAT! It had moved again, back to a larger more appealing area. There was parking and grass and shade.

The real antiques dealers were there too.

I got some goodies.

My Staffordshire transferware china I love.

the pink bowl is tiny, less than 2" across!

cups without handles are usually old, pre 1840

and geometric shapes are older, c. 1840-50?
small milk jug, rare.

Inside decoration: another sign of being older pieces...
same with cups below

blue cup plate predates the pink butter pat

an Austrian creamer, tiny.
Less than 1/4 Cup.

Almost everything was being touted as "Very Old"...I catch myself saying that too, lol. And ONE DOllar! The price was right!

But today? In the end I opted for the supermarket instead of the flea market. It was a little busy, but then I never go there early on a Sunday! Lots of church ladies and moms with crazy kids. Guys buying beer and chips for the games....Plenty of anything you might ever want, including row upon row of bottled water, and stacks and stacks of ice. They did have plywood on all their windows though, that seemed a bit scary.

I have to say I think the Weather people are too ---excited? Even over-excited. They have no clue how stressful it can be to sit here and wonder what is to come. And the more often the overblown reports precede weather systems that just blow in and out with a few showers---the less likely we are to be willing to leave.

The Weather Channel crying ''wolf''?
Not good. Migraine time! For now we are staying, in spite of the evacuation orders. Wish me luck.



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