I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Changes. Again.

Hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend and your football teams all won! Today I have to show you, yet again, my home decor...

Yes I admit it, I couldn't live with the brilliant coral orange throw pillows and cheddar quilts for more than two Halloween weeks. here I was cringing every time I walked into the very sunny space. It seems that just like I cannot put on a  bright red or pink or orange tee shirt first thing in the morning, I can't look at bright pillows for long either.

The coral-orange seashell toile pillows are nice---(I made them out of a small quilted throw)---but maybe they'd look better on my deck chairs in the summer? But oh man they made me tense,lol. I found these wonderful beachy grey and cream heavy cotton pillows at Marshall's.

I love how calm and serene they make my main room. And how they reflect the colors of the sand dunes' shadows.

They are large, and feather filled and were 16.oo each! I couldn't buy pillow inserts for that price.

I kept the black and white toile accent pillows and the largest khaki and brown quilted pillows, the soft teddy bear brown cozy throw...

A few soft cheddar accents remain....


A big basket of my sewing, for Mel who always wants to see signs of life in my pictures,lol.

A favorite very worn but beautiful silk, wool, and velvet Log Cabin crazy quilt, in soft autumn shades, folded over the chair arm...

This was a rescue quilt, so neglected! But I carefully washed it. I have never had the heart to cut it up for Christmas etsy hearts...or even to offer it for sale as a whole piece. I fell in love with it once I saw what was under 100 years of grime.

Kept out all my mercury glass pumpkins, and added a few early purchase mercury glass ornaments, for subtle glow....



Even a different candle mat, a tan and sage 19th century quilt square.

Oh and the best thing! Look at these creamy white fall roses in the japonnaise pitcher!

These roses were 1.99 a bunch! This is two bunches. The label says five stems but there are 6-10 roses on each stem.

Trader Joe's. Cannot go wrong with 1.99 roses...

And in this currently empty spot [more on what I thought was gonna go there in another post]...I put this great weathered driftwood star!

 I love the rustic accent for fall..and it can go outside next summer if I get tired of it indoors or find another piece for this spot...

The photo below is a very dark outtake but I liked how it shows my ocean view through the big windows. The ocean looks far but there's no one and nothing between me and my beach.

All this took me about 30 minutes to rearrange, and cost under 100.oo. I admit I had to hit two Marshalls and Home Goods to accumulate the set of four matching pillows. My fave is the solo ''suzani''or ikat print pillow, but I never found another like it.

Now we're planning Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone has a special dish they cherish, don't they? What about you and your family/ guests---any must-haves or wish lists for  Turkey Day?



............gone to the beach