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Friday, August 31, 2012

Farmer's Market August's End

Hi! Oh the delights of outdoor marketing in late August! Do you enjoy the farmer's market like I do?

I suppose a big part if the fun--and challenge---of going to the farmer's market is being open minded, getting creative with what you find when you get there....

I went on Wednesday [yikes no parking! ]...went back later...my list was corn and squash, pickle cukes, berries for new cobbler recipe.

But no.
No Corn?
Instead I found the tiniest reddest sweetest grape tomatoes....

Of course we ate them  ''as is''...but I also bought fresh ravioli with mushroom/ ricotta filling. And more ricotta...

Tonight I threw together a fast and delicious dinner:
in a large saute pan I put olive oil, 1/2 sweet onion, cut in thin strips, minced garlic. Cooked for about 6 minutes, added the little tomatoes...plus red wine, sugar, pepper, lemon pepper, tarragon, basil. I cooked all that on High til it caramelized. Boiled the rav' for 4 minutes, drained, added to big fry pan, tossed gently with the tomato sauce. Sprinkle with parm, dot with fresh  ricotta. Yum! yum-yum-yum.

Watched Project Runway and enjoyed the savory fresh food.

For the weekend, I got this new cheese...a fresh cream cheese with pistachios.

"Cow's milk" sounds odd, doesn't it?

And from Bread Alone, Cranberry/oat/ whole grain rolls. I'll slice them and serve with the cheese spread.

I also succumbed to a tiny apple tart too since I didn't find berries...the guy gave me two freebie squares of apricot cloufouti too...Sometimes it's good to be a late-bird!

No pickle cukes though. Here's my pickles so far....

bread and butter/ sweet pickles

the kids love the little oldfashioned Weck jars

Oddly the dill mix [from Ball] has an additive [?] to keep the pickles crisp. My kids didn't like it, they kept saying the pickles weren't ''done yet''. No more crisper stuff for us, I guess....

tarragon dills

btw What are those squash like little green soccer balls? And what the heck does one do with pattypan squash? [cute, cute, so cute...but weird.]



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