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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Quilting; Celestial Dreams


photo of original from pattern

 Hi! Holiday week! Yay! I am packing my beach bag full of hand quilting projects.
 Of course I have **3*** repro doll quilts to hand quilt. And I am working on the Mr Sunshine [Celestial Dreams] applique panels.

photo from pattern
Glorious Color

The first section is all done!

 The focal point large bird, left. And the large cockscomb flower, right.


And here is the second panel, a bit of sewing is done plus all the leaves are cut out and Elmer's glue stick basted on.

 I am kinda dreading the spiral!(orange dots] It looks hard. I am hoping this isn't beyond my abilities, just taking each panel and doing my best.
 I am trying to use my stash and scraps for this quilt. I did have to buy a large piece of yellow batik for Mr Sun's face....

And I am not sure my colors ''pop'' enough, on, for example, this flower:


 Of course I can redo if/ when I have more sections done, but I am pretty sure the flower is a redo in waiting. Also their pattern shape is not the same as in the photo, needs tweaking.

The Tree of Life panel is next, see pattern photo below. The directions say be creative.....hmmm. To me that means finding a star print instead of sewing dozens of minuscule stars.I think I'll start it then set it aside because it has...count 'em! over 60 leaves, all pretty tiny. Looks like a snowed-in blizzard day/ week/ job to me.
[I'm a planner,lol.]

And what about this whale, the panel after the tree in my plan? I see why the artist used red but I don't think I can live with a red whale. What color should he be?

Auditions for whale colors being held later this month, I hope. So tell me what color you think a whale might be?

have a fun Fourth!

gone to the beach.....


photos of pattern / original quilt, used with permission from Glorious Color