I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Quilt Ladies

Hi! Just had to tell you that the ladies with the pretty pink quilts were at the flea market today. For the past month or so I've had my eye on the quilts they use for display.

 This time I went there first, just in case: maybe I could buy them and they'd undo her display by the time I left? (I thought, I hoped.)

Both quilts are 30s-ish pink. One is a miniature Bow Ties, I've never seen the block done that small---3"?  Great backing, red and yellow flowers, faded so prettily. And the other is a Lady of the Lake, I think: Large triangles edged in teeny tiny triangles. Hard to see under all the old crystal and tchochkas they sell. 

I got her attention, asked if the quilts were for sale...and was rudely, adamantly, answered NO! I tried to give her my card, "Just in case you change your mind?" and she said the quilts were from her collection and NOT for sale.

Oh. Okay.

I can't imagine having nice quilts like that in my "collection" and having them be so dirty! eeeew. And sure, this is NY but usually quilt collectors are friendly and interested even if they don't want to sell their quilts. (And why bring them to the flea market if they're not for sale?)

But at least I got up the nerve to ask this time. I think the previous week when she/ they ignored me so obviously, she could tell I was interested in the quilts and didn't want to bother telling me no.

 I didn't want to make an offer and start a bidding thing, she has to want to sell them or she won't give me a decent price. And for all I know they'll disintegrate when I wash them.

I'll keep going by her booth though! Til end of December....because maybe, someday, she'll change her mind? The Bow Ties quilt was very special....

I passed up a pretty (and pretty expensive!) Mexican silver cuff bracelet, a large disk of turquoise with faceted aquamarines at the side. My colors!  And there were a couple nice crocks but I was too tired to carry them to the car. So---a nothing-found day, but fun to be out in the sunshine, right?

Hope your weekend was fun and more successful!

PS The quilts shown here have nothing to do with today's pink quilts! They're just quilts that DID get to come home with me...and are loved. I had them out deciding which ones to use for the holidays....they are my success stories.



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