I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 16, 2015


Hi guys! The past few days have been  grey and drippy, with a high grey sky that makes it feel like November here.

I like November a lot more than I like March so I'm happy. I think the light must be similar, this week just before the spring equinox, and the same angle of sun appears in November, just past the autumn equinox. Or maybe it's just the clouds and temperatures. Forty degrees is much nicer than 10. I have all the windows open just to bring in the fresh spring air---and 40 MPH gale wind.

So let's gather up all this energy and enthusiasm and go for a walk on the beach! Mo has to stay home today, the blowing sand can damage his eyes.
The path through the dunes is a bit dismal---but open and safe, so it looks fine to me.

Snowdrifts still, on the shady sides of the outer dunes and fences.

I am looking for the return of the Oystercatchers [LOL I typed oyster crackers! My mind is on the pot of soup, simmering on my stove.]
Oystercatchers are to the beach as robins are to the woods and fields---a much anticipated first sign of spring. They usually arrive on St Patrick's Day (and leave October 2nd), but I start watching as soon as March begins.

No OC's! I wonder if the very cold winter will delay their return? Just a few die-hard gulls are here to watch me as I walk the shoreline.

The tide line is decorated with garlands of black and silvery blue mussel shells. Lots of good seafood here when the birds of all sorts return.

Looking for treasure. These are wintry outwash patches.

Gravelly looking areas of tiny shells, pebbles and sea glass sometimes.

The beach is bare however. Only the pink clouds, reflected in the wet white sand.

And a few odd treasures for my windowsill...

Isn't this an odd thing to find on the beach? It's not a button or a brooch or pin, maybe a scarf clasp or, hard to imagine, a shoe trim? It's not old, or weathered; it hasn't been out here long.

What could it be? For now I hung it in the window , with my chandelier crystals, so I can enjoy the rainbow sparkles of the rhinestones each morning when I wake up and stand at my window, looking at the day and the ocean and the ships.

edit: The blue thing is a plastic ball, like a blue ping pong ball.I thought it looked like a giant pop-it bead. I brought it home for Mo but decided he might choke on it, so---no.

Here's the back of the rhinestone piece, there's little nubs, not really prongs. But they must have attached it to something, and probably why the piece fell off. Car remote for scale.



gone to the beach.....