I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Welcome Spring, A Giveaway Winner, and Mo's 5th Birthday!

Hi! And so Spring begins! Big full moon tonight for the equinox celebration, be sure to go out to look. It has the unfortunate honor of being called the Worm Moon. Ick.

For my scrap bag giveaway I had not many takers but enough that I got out the random number generator and let it choose. The winner is JulieQ which is appropriate since she is a dedicated scrap quilt maker. Julie, email me your address? 

Tuesday was Mo's 5th birthday! He is all grown up now.

Some presents:

This is like if your gramma gives you underpants for  Christmas! Face swabs and paw wipes:

A pretty Tiffany blue enameled ID tag. [not really Tiffany,lol.]

A beautiful t-shirt, in XL. Hahaha, XL chihuahua maybe. Lots of scissoring and fitting to make it work.

We baked a cake!

For those of you who may be tempted to make a cake for your own dog, I did a  little baking test. These mixes are from Chewy.com.

Supposedly dog friendly ingredients.

I made the regular cake as cupcakes, because Mo cannot be begin to eat a whole cake. [We froze the rest to bring to big dog friends next playdate.]

The mix's how-to was, to me, surprisingly complicated, the same as making a regular cake mix, lots of ''add eggs and oil, mixer needed'' etc. Lots of effort for a doggy who would rather have a jerky skewer. But fun.

The frosting, as you can see was a bit of a fail. I cut it off and discarded it, only giving Mo the bottom plain cake. He threw up anyway, poor little man.
I actually tasted the cake which had a nice taste and crumbly texture, and a bit of the frosting that was also pretty delicious, but sweet.

The other mix makes a smaller microwaved cake, and includes a silicone pan, so I guess we'll try again in June for Mo's adoption day celebration.

I hope you all enjoy lovely warm springs. No snow, no floods, no pollen, good luck!

''Summer makes me drowsy.
          Autumn makes me sing.

          Winter's pretty lousy, 

          but I hate Spring.''                - Dorothy Parker.

Image result for but I hate Spring." - Dorothy Parker.


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