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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Dollhouse

I used to have a doll house.
Well more than one. I had the doll house my dad made me when I was about 7 years old. It was filled with his handmade furniture and my beloved 3" rag doll lived there.

...and then I had a grownups type doll house a few years ago, filled with adorable handmade primitive miniatures. like these, on etsy!
This was a semi-disaster, as certain family persons did not care for this ''thing'' and enjoyed creating small earthquakes and ruining my painstkingly set out displays.

None of which has to do with today's post, lol.

This is about the pink Schoolhouse quilt block I have.

My friend Mel suggested that it be the focal point of a doll quilt. She called it The Dollhouse.

Fun idea. I am searching for ideas for it now.


I also wanted to do a pink and blue doll quilt. So maybe the ideas will merge?


This book was a gift for my birthday. Really fascinating, I love the authentic diary excerpts. Rosemary Young's books

I just wish the antique inspiration blocks were pictured larger. In fact they are so tiny I'm not sure if they are Ms Youngs's version's or antiques. (There are also large colored diagrams and I understand a CD if you'd wish to print out the blocks instead of drafting each one.)

My favorite is this newly designed block called The China Doll.

 It really looks like an 1860s china doll, doesn't it. The story was that an older brother bought the china doll, a gift for his baby sister, while away fighting for the Union  Army . And sadly the doll was delivered home strapped to his coffin. Yes he died [typhoid, I think, not in battle, only age 19] but the doll lived on.

I love how it says When this You See, Remember Me. I wanted to put that classic quilt motto on the Porch quilt label but decided No. My kids would roll their eyes in disgust at the sappiness. But I still love it.

Wonder if I can somehow merge this doll block with the pink schoolhouse block? I am stumped as there should be, it seems to me---only One dollhouse..and One doll.



.....gone to the beach...