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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Flowers Bloom in Winter

Hi guys!  It's mid-January, time to plant my indoor flower bulbs for forcing.

Bulbs planted on MLK weekend will bloom by Presidents Week, if things go well.

If you still want to try Paper White Narcissus, I just received my bulbs on Friday.

I order from the same seller on Amazon. They come fast but not next day. I dithered about doing blue grape hyacinths instead this year. Oh that heavenly blue! I found them at the same seller, "prechilled for forcing" but there are 30 bulbs in the bag and they cost so much. So, I guess, no. (The bulbs also got poor reviews but so many folks--not you of course!--have really brown thumbs, so grain of salt to the zero star crowd?)

You may recall the gorgeous Costco tulips from last year, in the tall glass cylinder:

I saved it to reuse this year for the paperwhites. No pebbles or seaglass needed.

It has a scary looking  pronged and fanged plastic insert that holds the bulbs in place.


Here we go!

I couldn't fit in all my bulbs


o I did a smaller cylinder vase with pink faux seaglass, a gift for a friend once it gets going,

and another in this recycled hyacinth vase.

I'm not sure the hyacinth vase will work, no support of the gangly daffs, so I put it on the corner cupboard shelf to keep a close eye.

And this! My year long project of a beautiful amaryllis given to me last Christmas. I followed the online instructions for making it re-bloom; it summered over outside, dully green and ugly, hidden in the zinnia pot on my deck, then was dug up and washed and stored in a box in my dark cold entry area for two months..Oh it looked so white and nasty when dug up,  eeew  

But here it is, delicate green sprouts, crispy brown skin, and great health.

It's in my mom's Swedish glass hyacinth vase, in water instead of potting soil. I hope this is a success.

All the bulbs are given water up to the root bases.

And set up on the pine bench which is against a cold wall and doesn't get any direct sun.

It will take a few days for the shoots to unfurl and roots to start. As they progress and even bloom, they can of course be brought out to display and admire. Approx. 3 weeks to begin blooming, 5 weeks til finished.

While I wait for that, I've been filling the house with inexpensive potted forced bulbs from the supermarket:

.tiny Tete a Tete yellow daffs, tiny as your fingertips.

In pretty Staffordshire pitcher[s].

I love this set of c 1840? pitchers, especially the birds and butterflies,,,, the colors and picotage.

My dad recycled and  regrew these tiny daffs, purchased every year, and the woods' floor outside the kitchen window would be a carpet of tiny gold flowers come April or May.

The white hyacinth is doing well. Not so spectacular to look at but it smells so delightful.

And when I don't buy the little potted flowers, I indulge in the early spring cut bouquets.

I usually don't like mixed bouquets but I love this assortment, called, I think, ''Spring Gathering". Everything comes home tightly budded, only green, and over a couple of weeks the flowers unfurl, much to my delight.

The colors!

And, well. Pussy willows too. Prob I only buy them for, really, those tiny catkins.


We had a brief snow day Saturday. Mo is dressed up in his snow day pjs, hoping hard that if he is very unobtrusive I won't make him go out in the dreaded storm.


The paw print "pillow" is actually a hard shell kennel disk. Heated in the microwave it stays toasty warm for almost 24 hours. Mo loves his, especially for cozy sleeping at night.

Spaghetti and meatballs were delish! But the oat and choc chip breakfast bars were a huge Fail, very disappointing.here  or   HERE
All the snow, except a few drifts, gone next day!

Hope you all are safe and warm.



gone to the beach....