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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fall Harvest Our Annual Pumpkin Patch Day Out

Good afternoon, friends! Oh it is hot! 

Must be 90* out on my deck, so Mo and I finally came in to cool off and write this post. I was going to say, "what a gorgeous Indian summer day!"...but then I wondered Is that okay to say? Google weighs in  : "The AMS [American Studies?] says using the phrase is discouraged and claims that it is disrespectful of Native American people. In its place, the AMS chose Second summer – another phrase used to express an unseasonably warm and dry period in autumn in mainly temperate climates of North America.Nov 13, 2020   " Huh. Sigh....

The other day my friend and I went to my favorite garden center, as we always do as each season rolls around.

This is the old farmhouse core of the nursery/ shop.

This year the front porch is rather dark, both in theme and color.

But everywhere else was beautifully flamboyantly colorful, just like I love! The entry is filled with fall bedding flowers and preplanted pots.

New neon yellow mums.

Celosia or coxcomb.

A different version of celosia, like an ornametal grass:

Coxcombe has really become beautiful in recent years.

The inspiration for my Thanksgiving  Welcome small quilt.

This nursery prides itself on its pansies. Winter pansies do very welt in this seaside climate and are much loved, a popular late autumn choice.

Next we walk into the big airy display area. Fall bulbs and fresh cider, locally made.

Pumpkins galore to make my heart sing.

Ornamental corn, have not seen this in years. I always like it.

The Big Max giant pumpkin contest is always fun.

I wanted stripey pumpkins this year but they were far out of my budget,

The mums were beautiful and I did treat myself to two pots this year. Size of small shrubs. One for my deck and the other, along with a classic orange pumpkin for my entrance door, plus a few baby jacks..

On through to the pumpkin patch! Smaller and subdued this year. My friend wasn't allowing me a lot of time, so I didn't get to visit and pet the goats and feed the ornamental chickens. 

Many pumpkins though, in their perfection of orange, like my quilts I so love.


Afterward we stopped in the health food store for an array of supplements to bolster our immune systems. Their flowers never disappoint, if only to admire from afar.

fall hyacinths.

fancy color fall tulips

Roses and hydrangeas with fall grasses.

Sea holly?

Pincushion lily! Blog friend Penny says they are grown near her home in South Africa. She posted very similar beauties on IG.

Back home, here are my little baby jacks, in my old big bowl.

I added the herbal sachet pillows for color and fun. They are filled with lavender, sage, mint, dried rosemary, cedar and cinnamon apple oil. 

I hope you will take the time to buy some mums and choose a pumpkin! Even if jackolantern carving is not your thing, the fruits and flowers add a luscious touch to Autumn, and stay fresh through Thanksgiving.



gone to the beach.....