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Friday, July 20, 2018

July Quilting...so Far

Mid-July! What a glorious day, a perfect summer day. Temps in the mid70s, dry, light breeze, and the only clouds in the sky are wispy and pretty against the brilliant blue.

Mo and I finally are getting our summer afternoon groove back.The deck is looking pretty! My flowers are growing and everything [except the white screens] is clean;

I found a rug in my closet, needed to protect Mo's paws from the burning tile of the deck.

Mo is given a chew stick and on very hot days, if he is very very good he gets  scoop of doggy ice cream.
But earlier this week, just as I was setting up to take photos for this post---

...very suddenly the sky turned black!

So dark. There had been no forecasts of storms or rain. I quickly hustled Mo in and instead took pics indoors [so pardon their dimness].

Mo thinks thunder and lightning are a big boring yawn.


I've been doing more sewing machine sewing this summer, mostly because the Temecula  1880 Sampler blocks are so fun and enticing.

And you may recall that 4th of July week, the assignment was 5 blocks instead of just one. So there's a lot to keep with.

These are some of the 4th blocks: I did a Flag for remembrance.

This is a small 9 Patch with Crazy, towards the bottom right.

Other solo blocks:
Puss in the Corner, bottom.

 Flying Geese:

 I especially love this block. Maybe a modified Hovering Hawks?

This is a tiny pinwheel block, only 2 " finished. So cute!

And  with its crazy pieces added to make it 4" finished.

Another has a 1 1/2" Monkey Wrench block within the crazy block, so tiny!

1/2''  triangles, ugh. Good enough for me.

One or two more to do of the current assignments. One incorporates a small Friendship star, not a fav of mine. I looked at the original 1880 quilt and one of the crazy blocks has a 6-section circle. I'll do it instead.
Here are all the blocks on their window.


I'm working sporadically on Feathered Star blocks. These are the Birds in Baskets.

The birds are a weird shape, raptor necks and heads, like little Stegosauri, but I love them and I'm not gonna fix them now..

This is a simple Evening Star with a circle and star center. I got interrupted on the second one, there are two alike. Good for beach sewing.

pattern page and pattern photo


And you may recall this  plaid half square triangles top I bought in an online auction.

I like it! The triangles are the biggest I've ever seen, about 5 1/2". This is with a 4 1/2" TQC 1880 block set on top, for scale. All hand pieced. c. 1890-1920?

To me the plaids and checks have an early Autumn,  vintage back to school look. I think of boys' homemade shirts in plaid, little girls' checkered dress or pinafores.

After much thought I have decided to use this piece of alphabet fabric for the backing. It has all the colors and that school days/ olden days look about it. Certainly no one I know would ever want it on their actual child's quilts, so what am I saving it for the past 10 or 15 years.

The images are both funny and charming:
The Kite is hilarious, it looks like a turnip.

And I thought this was T for Tern, but no. It's S for Swallow, the T is...uh...? [trumpet!]

F for Eagle? is it a Falcon?? No, E is above.

A rather colorful Zebra, I do love  zebras.

Still saving to have this quilted, sigh.


We went to Joann's yesterday, for zippers for throw pillows and cording for pillow cases. What chaos, and very busy. Even with a list I forgot stuff. It wasn't very fun, too bad.

Have a good weekend!



gone to the beach....

Monday, July 16, 2018

Out and About ~ Costco, Flea Market and other Fun Stops.

Hello! Things look good on the computer and Blogger fronts now! I'll update at the end of this post. This summer my friend Elle [L] and I have been making a point of getting out for some fun shopping [okay, "just looking" every week. It isn't all that hot here but a ride in L's air-conditioned SUV is a bit of a treat for me.

I love the new little church flea on alternate Fridays, often I go alone before doing my weekend grocery  shopping. I have to look hard to find good stuff sometimes---and then there is the one that got away. Big 30% off furniture last week; as I dragged L back to the tables area for her opinion of the beautiful but repro farm table I've been eyeing all spring---painted chubby turned legs, scrubbed pine top, drawer,---two guys with a big moving truck carted it away right before our eyes!

Other fun finds. L collects Wedgwood. Only the matte blue iconic Etruscanware also called Jasperware. here  Remember how she wouldn't buy the rare antique yellow teapot, $3.oo!? Very focused collector. A few weeks ago I found these pieces, plus a teeny tiny blue  with white cherubs teapot, less than 2" high.

I bought the square dish and the teapot for L for a gift to thank her for helping me get Mo to the vet for his annual check up--and well, just because she's a wonderful friend.

I was very amazed to get the pieces home and, with a strong magnifier, see that they are really Wedgwood/ England! NOT  cheap repro. Modern, souvenir pieces, but still. 5 bucks and  fifty cents!
This past week we found these two heart dishes. L passed on them, I never did find out why. Maybe because they're probably parts of card sets?

  I collect these papier mache eggs and always grab them anytime of year! This one was only a dollar, marked Western Germany, so maybe 1950s? Before the country was called simply West Germany anyway. Good size, 4"
Good color, chocolate.

I was a little annoyed that the church ladies put on an adhesive price tag and damaged the image on that side. Really too bad. It's 50-70 years old!

More finds we left behind.
Sweetest bisque cherubs, perfect condition. Love. I'd use them for a white Christmas display with variegated holly and snow dusted pine, white ribbons....

Cow creamer with roses, so sweet. English, 1800s.

Deco? cobalt cocktail glasses ~ [friends said No!].

I do like these weird old flower frogs. Too $$ as a set.


Another day we popped into the new Costco in the marsh behind the little village where the church sale is. The tubs of Spanish bumblebee lavender were gorgeous. 14.99. Costco is NO bargain.

And the field roses were 13.99 a bunch.


Here we are setting off for our twice a year trip to The Christmas Tree Shop /CTS.

CTS has nothing to do with Christmas or trees, though I think it began years ago in Cape Cod selling seashell Christmas ornaments.

It is a long drive, made longer by L's desire to go the way her GPS said, instead of by my back route through the sandbar beaches and the marshes.  In Cape Cod there's a CTS or two or three in every town; I wish there was one closer to us. They sell fun seasonal items, always useful and must have-y, at awesome prices.

What I found:

Drinks stuff,

And a useful serving tray $1.25.

Long candle matches and a cool monkey puzzle/ monkey fist nautical rope doorstop.

It must weigh 10 pounds! It was the most expensive item at 7.99 but I did wish I'd bought two or even three because the doors in my cottage blow shut with loud bangs all the time.

Pretty smallish box for quilt blocks:

Outdoor plant pot lights, 3 for $5.oo.

Tie backs and nice shabby chic curtain rods, no curtain rings though.

New, useful size Nantucket repro basket.

Boxes of cards for thank you notes which yes I do write!, and for friends and rels who live in the stone age and do not email or text.

Even a box of coastal Christ,mas cards! Yay.

I always look for totes there. This is a great find, sturdy and well made--a new beach bag!

I love that it is nautical but with tangerine orange stripes and navy trim, it's perkier than classic r/w/blue. And an embroidered pineapple, so cute.

I did not get a stroller or bed steps for Mo, or deck gates; no curtain rings.  No outdoor deck rug so Mo's little feet don't burn. [Waverly, 59.99!@@]. Deck umbrellas were also too expensive, have to manage with just the one for awhile longer. Everything here cost under 70.oo.

This week? Maybe Joann's for quilt backings; Old Navy for on-sale "perfect" tees and tanks. Trader Joe's for reasonably priced flowers. Sound fun!

PS My BBQ contribution salads were delish! This one is from the summer issue of Bon Appetit magazine:



gone to the beach.....

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