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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch


Hi everyone! What a thrill, I made it to the pumpkin patch, aka the
Fall Festival at the nursery over the bridge. I didn't think our annual visit would happen this year, as both L and I are very cautious about being exposed to the virus. But a few weeks ago I had to leave my car to be inspected and have an oil change, so L picked me up and we went to the nursery to use up an hour waiting.

Some readers may recognize the lovely 1800s farmhouse that forms the base of the nursery.

The little window that fascinates me and reader Kel was interesting that day, the light just right to let us see it goes all the way thru the second floor. [I wish I d thought to walk over on the other side where the shrubs and trees are sold to see if there's a tiny window there ttoo. [Next time!]

The group of buildings is very open and airy, so deemed safe. They had a very well done cart sanitizing system set up, with clean carts in one area by the entry  and used ''dirty carts'' well off to the other side by the exit and parking lot. Yes! They have a parking lot!!

The only other customer[s] were a young mom and her toddler, also taking pictures.

Lovely fall plants and planters:

These are faux sunflowers, so pretty and real looking.

I so wish I had bought some of these darling pumpkin pansies. and a few deep purples.

Celosia, a type of coxcombe

Wonderfully spooky fall petunias, new to me.

Herbs, especially lush lavenders

Bulbs for next spring:

 I always love seeing the giant pumpkin, Big Max.

And his expensive brothers!

Cider--a fun place, a very old early 1800s cider mill supplies their cider. Super sweet this year, I don't know why.

This nursery specizes in seasonal fairy gardens. They cost between $75 and $150.oo. I always think they]d be a great gift.

These wreath forms were the most unusual, new to me thing I saw. I loved them. Intended for succulents but would be wonderful with say, herbs or impatiens in the summer, on one of our ubiquitous grey wooden fences, wouldn't they?

And of course miles and piles of pumpkins to love. 

She came home with me, so pretty! More creamy white than in the photo.

Inspiration for Starry Eyed Jack. Wish I'd bought him.  Prices were very low this year.

Giant jackolantern pumpkins, tall as the toddler, up to my knee. Must weight 30 pounds each.

Smaller jackolantern pumpkins, round perfect.


Enjoy your visit! Who would you choose?



gone to the beach...

Out and about: I always enjoy seeing the fall ales and beers from local breweries. 

I showed my friend who was helping me grocery shop and he said he prefers pumpkin seltzer! Hmmmm, bet it has a dash of vodka added!


No pet parade this year but Mo will dress up anyway. Stay tuned. [see how excited he is, wow!]