I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Farmers Market: The Harvest

The farmers market has been a delight these past few autumn weeks.

Gone are the limp lettuces and hot tired bored sellers. Everyone seems rejuvenated by the golden sunshine, brisk breeze and salt air.

November is the final harvest time...the apples and pears are bursting from their bins. All these rare old varieties to try....and yet Golden Delicious remains my fav.

Add a chewy fresh baguette and some artisan goat cheese and it makes a lovely light supper or "cocktail time" snack.

The winter vegetables are in.

Look at this dinosaur spine!

Nope, nothing exotic, just the fun of seeing brussels sprouts in their natural form.

Of course I brought one home. Very crispy sweet little sprouts, briefly sauteed with caraway seeds and a smidge of sweet market butter...

And look! Purple, uh...broccoli?

Or is it cauliflower?

The guy selling it smiled and shrugged, said try it. It tasted great, sweet and savory, sprinkled with parm and black pepper.

Not so sure I love, love, love pastel food though.
What so you think?
Must broccoli stay green and safe or can it be fun?

Here's the dinner ..sesame teriyaki chicken, brown rice pilaf, and vegs. 

I haven't had a working oven since last Christmas! But a new one is to arrive in Saturday. I am really looking forward to making brisket with tiny autumn carrots, or a lentil-sweet -potato-apple soup. A friend just emailed the recipe, sounds so yummy for a cold winter night. If I have an oven I cook these onepot meals in my big blue leCreuset dutch oven, 350*/ 3 hours. Saves them from my talent of scorching on the stovetop...(No, I don't own a CrockPot.)

And oh yes! Simply roasting and loving all the winter squashes. So rich, so healthy! Yum.

Good news is---the market may be getting winter quarters!

A heated tent in loan from a wedding supplier? The [very small] lobby of City Hall? Wherever it is, I hope the market continues here all winter. No fresh veggies, but staples like apples and squash, cheeses,  pickles, wursts. Breads. Moon pies and shoofly pies from the Amish guys from PA. And maybe a yarn seller? Oh boy! How fun. I am also hoping for a Holiday bazaar thing in December....if not this year, maybe, next? I'll tell you all my ideas someday soon when we have a moment for Maybes and What ifs...



...gone to the beach (which, PS, has NO snow! just diehard beach lovers and their beach chairs today. So fun!)