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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kitchen Experiments ~ The Good, the Bad, and the Yummy

Good evening! Aren't the long light evenings a delight!

We went from temps in the high 40s and 50s yesterday, jeans and wooly sweaters, to a summer day today, of 81* with a hot, puffy summer sea breeze. The recipes I've tried over the past month or so suddenly seem  inappropriate, it's far too hot to think of working over a hot stove. But who knows, tomorrow could be cold again, or we'll save these ideas for a rainy day to come.

Up first is super yummy Mongolian Beef with Noodles Here, a recipe from Mel. I've made this twice and it was delicious both times. Good leftovers too.

As always I made a few changes, but I think it's important to more or less keep the sauce and ingredients as the recipe is written, so if you won't consume cornstarch, soy sauce, or brown sugar, maybe skip this one.

Changes: I used good quality defrosted rib eye steaks, because I was emptying my freezer after its winter stock up.

I used Japanese noodles, because I've never seen ramen noodles to buy. The Japanese noodles are very good and are already cooked. In grocery cold case, with the tofu. Rice noodles are a gluten-free option too.

I used multicolored broccoli and brussels sprouts, whatever you have, or the suggested carrots, is fine.

I diluted  leftover beef gravy instead of broth, but just because, again, it was in my freezer. I'll use beef broth next time.And I used less soy sauce; I do use low sodium soy sauce usually, though the one I had on hand is not. A hint always for making stir fry, is to prep everything before you start to     cook.

The second recipe, Asparagus Quiche HERE ,

was also  intended to use up fridge content, from Cinco de Mayo taco makings. I had sour cream and too much grated Mexican cheese, neither of which keep all that well. Plus a frozen pie crust and some eggs. I added fresh asparagus.

This wasn't exactly a failure but it was odd. It was like eating a somewhat poorly made [tough texture] omelet, presented in a pie crust. Regular quiche with asparagus on the side would be tastier!

It looked so pretty, I was quite disappointed, as I love quiche.

And last, an appropriately summery recipe, made up by me: Faro Greek Salad.
I love faro, a nutty and flavorful ''ancient grain" and had experimented with a boxed faro risotto mix Similar, here. It was tasty but it made so much! I used the leftovers for a hearty salad, adding fresh garlic, parsley, hearts of palm, quartered artichoke hearts [keep in mind, I was emptying the pantry/ fridge with all these projects], feta cheese and a sprinkle of parm, plus fresh black pepper. A simple vinaigrette made with lemon and olive oil. Delicious and it would be wonderful with beef or chicken kabobs on the grill. Fresh summer tomatoes would add a nice touch when they come in season, too.

Last, just a suggestion: strawberries are in season. One of the best desserts of spring into summer is Bisquick strawberry shortcake. I plan to make it for Fourth of July. A classic, from scratch version,here



gone to the beach...

PS Today is Flag Day. I don't have anything flaggy to share, nothing new...so here is a link to my Pinterest board of American Flag Quilts. Fun to look, so many inspiring and patriotic pieces, enjoy: here