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Friday, July 19, 2019

Something for the Weekend ~ Liz not Lizzy's German Potato Salad recipe

Hi everyone! The power is back on so I can write this quick Friday cooking post. Yes the power went off, hottest weekend of the year so far, still 81* at 8 PM. Scary.

Anyway Kit mentioned she'd like to try my German potato salad so here is its How-to info, starting with the pages from my little cookbook book my mom started writing for me when I was her kitchen helper as a small child. My mother was Liz, yes I was named after her but was not called that as a child, because Liz was always the only show in town, Being Liz was her trademark identity, in a cool and fun way. Even now when my brother and I talk about her, we always speak of her as Liz, never Mom or Mother.

Here is my little cooking notebook.

Recipe in her writing, I think you can read it and follow her instructions, though I am also writing my version  below: click to enlarge

Be sure to note at the bottom of page two, where she adds mayo etc, those are variations, NOT part of the classic recipe

I use these red potatoes, 3 or 4 per person.

Called "Red Creamer Potatoes", any medium to large red potato is fine.

They are lumpy, I do some trimming. Give them a good scrub, you're gonna eat the red outer peel. Then I parboil in water in the microwave for about 12-15 minutes, in 6 minute increments, til fork tender. Be sure to cover the potatoes with water and a loose lid. OR boil on stove til fork tender but not crumbly. Drain well, after rinsing in cold water.

Meanwhile make the dressing*. Go heavy on the vinegar. I use organic cider vinegar but use any light colored vinegar you like. I make about 1 C.--- 1/2 olive oil, 1/2 vinegar, plus some cold water. Add a t. of dijon mustard [optional], salt, pepper, celery seed, fennel seed, tarragon, parsley to taste. A t. of sugar or more, to taste/ diet needs. Stir it with a fork or whisk.

When the potatoes are cooked and rinsed with cold water, partially peel off OR leave the red skins, up to you.Cut in thin slices into big bowl.

Add scant 1/4 C finely minced sweet onion.

Add the dressing as desired, maybe reserve some. Mix gently with a wooden spoon, cover and set aside. Stir now and then.

Do NOT refrigerate! Or you can make the day ahead, to this point, and bring the salad to room temp a few hours before finishing and serving.

Taste for tartness, sweetness, add as needed. If dry, add some water, 1/4 C. at a time.

Before serving add 1 C+ diced celery,  4 diced hard cooked eggs and about 6 diced strips of crispy bacon. As much as you like! Add the bacon as last minute as possible so it's crispy and warm.**

[That said, if you have leftovers, you can then refrigerate them; the salad lasts a few days and just gets better.]

Remember Liz's tip:

*When Liz refers to ''Our" dressing, she means a classic French vinaigrette/ vinegar and oil dressing as I describe.

** My dad liked his German dishes made in the very traditional German manner, so at the final stage  when cooking the real bacon, he liked the finished potato salad added to the hot pan of bacon and grease and heated to medium-warm temp. Liz mentions this but again says she prefers not to use the bacon fat and to just serve at room temp.

When we stopped at the market to take pics of the potatoes and stock up on power outage cooked foods, we stopped to admire this week's flowers. Gorgeous, aren't they.


We stopped by the flea to look at $4.oo coffee tables, since I could put it in L's big SUV. [Yes I have a Jeep but I can't fold down the seats bec of Mo's carseat.] No tables I liked but here is the famous Christmas sprig calico apron that the ladies in linen won't sell.

Back home, no power, no lights, no AC,. Mo is being kept indoors due to the heat. I think he has outgrown his bed.

Have a great weekend! Be cool!

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