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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pink Black Eyed Susans

Hi guys! This week's flowers----Aren't they adorable? (totes adorbs, like the tv ad? For, like, phones though? )

Yes, I do know these are Gerbera daisies, not black-eyed susans. And oh so hothouse grown, not wonderful wild, grew in the ditch like the bright yellow real deals.


So happy and so pretty, right? One step up from fairy tale lollipop flowers....

Mo investigating!


Speaking of black-eyed susans, we talked a bit here about how hard they are to grow.

The thing is---they are perennials. It takes awhile for the plants to establish, grow enough to bloom and then spread.


I planted the seeds for this BES last summer. Nothing seemed to happen. This year I have one itty bitty bloom?

But who knows, If I am patient, in a few years I may have this!:

On a doggy note---Mo had his first bath yesterday! And mani/ pedi. Oh his nails were way too long. The groomer trims them by grinding them with a Dremel tool! Imagine that!?

The groomer comes in a van. So cute. And convenient.

Mo loved every bit of his treat.

 He will be 5 months old tomorrow...



gone to the beach~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I love the little planes with their signs.
So old fashioned,
ike something from a Charles Wysocki print.


Charles Wysocki prints images via etsy search

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