I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, March 2, 2018

"Please Heed Evacuation Notices"

Well, gee, that's not something I want to hear, is it?  Hi, guys EDIT 2 : Saturday morning, big winds, big waves but the storm has passed and the sun is shining! Hooray! All is well.

Big nor'easter headed our way.  Another one of  ''them weird storm bombs"! Omigosh, it's centered right. on. my. house.EDIT : 430 Friday, I made it home! Appointment takes 4 plus hours but home safe now. Branches and power lines coming down, blowing sand/ snow is painful. No flooding except on the beach and low road areas. My doors that face north wouldn't close, the wind was too strong.  Worst wind I have ever had to be out driving and walking in. The power went out at the clinic just as I was finishing; mine at home  must have gone out but is back right now. Our friend who walks Mo actually came just now and they braved the storm for a pit stop! She is so reliable, a real NY pro dogwalker. Gonna have hot tea and maybe some soup? We'll be fine, cozy at home.

Mo and I are a smidge concerned. I have a medical  appointment Friday noon. The clinic is fairly close---but the road between my house and the clinic  does flood at times. I'm also not happy about Mo being home alone, I don't think he has ever been alone during  a power failure--and you know, what if my old windows blow out?  He'd be terrified, I think.  Why not reschedule? If I lose my turn I am s#!# out of luck until they fit me into the rotation again; missing or waiting weeks or months is not an acceptable option.

I 'm a bit unhappy right now. But a friend is coming soon to help me bungee the deck chairs, or bring them inside. Being prepared is the smartest way to do things here.

Look, the moon is full, too. Why do bad storms so often come at the full moon?

Most of you probably live in places where the full moon's high tides are of no importance, but if like me you live on a sandbar in the Atlantic Ocean, highest elevation 6 feet above sea level, high tide storm surges can be dire.
Here is a forecast for Cape Cod MA. I still get the weather forecasts for the Cape, even though my parents are gone now. It looks even scarier there. See the four feet storm surge? H Sandy was 17.5 feet.

My kids will be away again, following the storm to great snow and skiing, they hope, in VT. Huh. Mo and I have a yummy casserole, and a bunch of salads in the fridge; storm foods like hard-boiled eggs, bread, peanut butter, crackers well stocked in the ''pantry'', aka the fridge again. Mo's dogwalker will try to come to take Mo out, depending on the flooding of course.
Of course the weekend isn't all gloom and doom. Look at the bouquets of flowers in the market yesterday.


large pots of Spanish lavender

Happy. Lovely.

Gully has been visiting!

Gully says no worries. Deck bungee helper was here, he too says, No worries. Hmmmm.

Mo predicts, "Eh."

And more flowers, from an auction on FB.

 I fell in love! Mel and I were designing a fun kitschy scarf or two, using these cuties---one for me, one to sell? But no, too $$$. We'll keep the idea in mind, I'm finding the FB selling groups quite inspiring. HERE  or here for flower scarves.

I'll keep in touch, if I can. Have a great weekend.



gone to the beach....