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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Umbrellas

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Yay! I sent my quilt top off today!

Well, packed it up with reams of surely superfluous instructions. It will actually go to the post office in the morning. I am pleased that I finished it before July 1st though I had hoped to have it off  to the quilter by June 1st.
Oh well...no deadlines here at the beach except for those I chose to try for.

I have a new quilter! I am sure [fingers crossed, hopeful smile :-) ] I have found a kindred soul in Tina, in North Carolina.... at GotYouCovered
So here's the plan:

The thread will be lime green...

The main design will be beachy! (LOL! What else?) This is my fav:


this and the next 2 designs are from: Debra Geissler  [no copyright infringement intended; used only to share both quilting resources' lovely designs!]

And the borders will have flipflop garlands :

with Mr. Sunshine corners! How cute is that?

Not sure what the binding will be...I have a great fruit salad-y colored woven plaid in my stash. Or I might get this:

Or maybe a boardshorts-style Hawaiian?

I can't wait! 

PS You can read about the designing of Beach Umbrellas here.l



gone to the beach.....