I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 4, 2015

Long Weekend---Official Summer's ''End''

Hello! Are you all set for the holiday weekend? I went to the grocery store but really had no clue what to buy. This is such an odd frantic, hectic, disorganised weekend. We know it will be very hot and sunny, but I don't know who will be home, who will visit, what to cook or when.

But no worries---a friend left this on my stairs to cheer me up.

Mo and I have ventured out despite the heat, so I'll share some September garden pics with you. Notice how the plantings change from flowers to textures as the grasses grow tall and seed heads form.

A few roses are re-blooming...

Holly bushes have their red berries---foreshadowing the coming winter holidays and creating food for migrating birds.

Crabapples on the sidewalk, tempting poor Mo. He'll eat anything and regrets it later.

My friend [he of the wine delivery] 's tropical garden! Success! I love it.

This is a Mojito elephant ear.

In one corner I even found a Pokeberry weed! LOL, it really should be pulled out.

W had an odd swarming of gulls last night. I think someone left out food or garbage? Mo was fascinated as they flew close in, just overhead on the deck. Last year I was afraid they'd snatch up his tiny self. Now at 20 pounds and counting, he's too big for a gull's dinner.

Next week I'll show you my new fall clothes! LOL, high fashion! From Target. How pretentious is that.

Plastic Lawn Geese Update! Remember Baby Goose who had No clothes and looked so sad? Well this week she disappeared. Imagine how I worried! Just now Mo and I went by --sorry no pix--and she is back, dressed in a suitably goofy sunflower costume. Oh I am so proud and pleased. LOL, don't take much to make me smile, does it?

Have a great weekend.



gone to the beach....


My first little Dress for Bolivia.