I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 4, 2015

Long Weekend---Official Summer's ''End''

Hello! Are you all set for the holiday weekend? I went to the grocery store but really had no clue what to buy. This is such an odd frantic, hectic, disorganised weekend. We know it will be very hot and sunny, but I don't know who will be home, who will visit, what to cook or when.

But no worries---a friend left this on my stairs to cheer me up.

Mo and I have ventured out despite the heat, so I'll share some September garden pics with you. Notice how the plantings change from flowers to textures as the grasses grow tall and seed heads form.

A few roses are re-blooming...

Holly bushes have their red berries---foreshadowing the coming winter holidays and creating food for migrating birds.

Crabapples on the sidewalk, tempting poor Mo. He'll eat anything and regrets it later.

My friend [he of the wine delivery] 's tropical garden! Success! I love it.

This is a Mojito elephant ear.

In one corner I even found a Pokeberry weed! LOL, it really should be pulled out.

W had an odd swarming of gulls last night. I think someone left out food or garbage? Mo was fascinated as they flew close in, just overhead on the deck. Last year I was afraid they'd snatch up his tiny self. Now at 20 pounds and counting, he's too big for a gull's dinner.

Next week I'll show you my new fall clothes! LOL, high fashion! From Target. How pretentious is that.

Plastic Lawn Geese Update! Remember Baby Goose who had No clothes and looked so sad? Well this week she disappeared. Imagine how I worried! Just now Mo and I went by --sorry no pix--and she is back, dressed in a suitably goofy sunflower costume. Oh I am so proud and pleased. LOL, don't take much to make me smile, does it?

Have a great weekend.



gone to the beach....


My first little Dress for Bolivia.


  1. Hi! Really like the first photo, looking down the alley way. The sunlight and shadows look like late summer. Just beautiful.

    I haven't ever seen anything other than a 'regular' elephant ear. That is really pretty. Your friend's garden really looks to be thriving. So nice of them to leave you a bottle of rose. Let us know what you think. I have a bottle of rose in the fridge just waiting for the right moment...or for the right guests to drop in.

    Well, well, at least the little baby is getting some love, lol. I almost hoped it was gone for good as it doesn't seem like it fits. Maybe the new threads will help :)

    Cute little Mo looks so comfy. Oh, and what a cute little dress!

    Enjoy the long weekend!


    1. Everyone loved your corn and tomato salad, salad, Kelley! Delish. I wish we could be sharing our bottles of rose!

    2. Well, that's great! And, YES, it WOULD be fun to share with you! -Kel

  2. Morning! How are ya doing on this rainy mountain day? Your photos were great, and of course I especially love the sea scenes. :) Oh, to answer your question from my blog. Yes, I am a one woman show. I get my orders from what we call the Central Kitchen, but I put it all together and serve it up. But I only serve a total of 130 kids for breakfast and lunch, so it is no problem. I love being on my own, cause then I can control my program and the feel I want. :) I hope you loved that wine and have a great weekend! Enjoy it. :) Kit

    1. I don t know how you do that! That's like serving two wedding receptions every day, all by yourself. Someday on your blog you must walk us thru your school day. Please?

  3. Loved taking a little walk with you!
    The little dress is super cute! XOXO

  4. I love the alley pictures! Do you know what the bush with the white 'snowball' flowers is? It's very pretty. The pokeberry that snuck into the garden made me laugh!!

    I'll look forward to more pillowcase dress pictures, and of course pictures of the geese all dressed up! Maybe the owner reads your blog secretly and knew how much the 'naked' little goose was troubling us? LOL, it'd be funny if he/she did!

    Mo looks like he has the right idea for the weekend. Veg out, pour yourself some wine, and just be comfortable. Treat any friends who drop by like family and just enjoy time together, let them help with food, etc. I'm sure they would have a great time!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. The shrub is hydrangea paniculata. The flower heads are cone shaped and the flowers are shades of white, or rarely, pinks, instead of blue.


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