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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Quilty 365 ~ November Dots

Hi! Yes, it's December, time to show off projects worked on during November.  These are my November Dots for Audrey / Quilty Folks' ongoing sewalong. here
Each day, every single day!, we do one appliqued circle or dot , as a diary of that day. We will do an entire year. Perhaps our dots should express our feelings but I see mine mostly are about the weather. Hmmm.

I began November 5 and the last dot in the photos is December 1.

I like how this is a personal journal, not a get it done/ we're in a hurry/ I'm faster than everyone! lol , competition. Audrey reiterates her wish that each person following along will do the project that speaks to their own creativity, their own heart and journey.

That said, it's kind of killing me that I did not begin at least on November 1st. My fingers itch to add those four dots, I'm sure I could reconstruct the days from my calendar and blog. But so far I've resisted.

 I am mostly using neutral script and text prints for the background, referencing the idea of a diary. I cut a stack of maybe 50 squares, because as the new year begins my ideas may evolve or change. I have a little notebook where I write a few lines about the day's choice [ no What was I thinking!? a year from now, right?]

And I'm enjoying choosing each day's circle, even if I don't get it sewed down til later in the week. Since I set aside Pokeberry and Summertime until Christmas sewing is done, the dots have become my handwork for the days Mo and I can sit out on the deck and enjoy the warm late autumn days.

I have my little Nantucket basket all ready to go.

Maybe not today though. Warm and still but very dense fog. This was before Mo's noon walk;

and this is the beach view at 3.45, just before his dinner walk. If it  gets much darker, he'll be having his dinner at noon, poor little mite. Today's dot will be dense-fog-grey.

I can't show you my Christmas sewing. But I've also finished a few velvet fruit pinkeeps for my etsy shop. Just a peek....

And the house is getting Christmassy.



gone to the beach....

PS be sure to check out Audrey's blog for more details on the Quilty 360 project. The current post has a linky at the end, so we can see what everyone else is up to. Fun! Visit!

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