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Friday, May 24, 2019

"Squirrel" ~ a Quilting Term

Hi on a Friday! Recently on quilt blogs I've been seeing the term "squirrel", new to me, but suddenly prevalent. Its use reminds me of the word ''frogging'' in knitting and crochet, which means to rip out stitches (get it? rip it, rip it = frog, etc. Sigh.). So squirrel seems to mean  the way a quilter may see a new design and immediately--- madly !--has to pursue it, make it.



As a dog might chase a squirrel?

I was baffled for awhile because Mo only chases cars and helicopters, he has zero interest in squirrels. LOL.

Now I don't usually indulge in such antics, [she bragged] I have my list and I follow it. It keeps me from having anxiety attacks about neglected  quilts.

Last month  Jan Patek had this book on sale for half price. I was so charmed, I fell in love.

It's not a new book. But new to me. On Sale.

 I love the title, I love the Bunnies, and I love the colors, as un-Lizzy as they may seem.

I bought it! It has the cover quilt that I plan to make to hang on an inside door next spring, or someday-Spring. And other darling quilts too.

Wouldn't this make such a cute baby quilt.

I complain about Jan Patek's patterns but I love her designs. I am also attracted to pinwheels, a fave of mine.

In the book Patek sees this border as Broken Dishes, not an easy block.

I see Pinwheels. Fast! Fun! with half Pinwheels at the row ends. I will rewrite the pattern to suit my way of doing this.

One good thing about JP's designs is that they do not require rigid use of say, Civil War repros or French Provencal design, or all plaids, etc.  I go for color and what I like instead.

I knew I had nothing in the rosey red to melon shades. so when my friend and I went to Joann's this week for t-shirt quilt supplies, I felt I could treat myself to some of their fat quarters.

I know some quilters struggle with fabric choice, so this is how I do it. And a hint, see this little border? It's practically yelling, Look! A color palette for you!"

Here are the ''corals":

Brown Bunnies:

mustard-gold bee skeps. (may need better, brighter.]

Tans for background...

including this pretty floral batik remnant from Joann's, that cost only a couple dollars for nearly one yard.

Then greens, spring greens. Dots, you know I have been into Dots!

I got coral dots too.

And more pretty greens from Mel, far right, which I have used but I have kept them together for just such a project.

Black with stars for the basket:

I know Joann's is often scorned by quilters, but for live and in person shopping that is all I have---and it's far, so it's a treat for me. I think they have a very good assortment of choices and so far I have never had an issue with the quality.

I also picked up this pre-cut bundle:

Had to have.

The blue stripes and yellow lemons, oooh, pretty! A table runner or something? If I find the blue stripe in yardage I may make myself a pair of drawstring shorts too. I think it is lovely, embodies summer and deck time, relaxing with an icy lemonade, enjoying a summer day.


My photos are dark/dull because it poured while I was taking pics. This is the daylilies after the storm had passed, crisp and green with diamond raindrops.


Update : Friday Flea- almost everything I showed last week has been sold! Including the doll house. I got a couple f blue and white souvenir plates, Vermont and Cape Cod. 2.oo each.

Note the chicken wire texture. I love this one [or is it a little scaly and icky?].

Clunky Chinese dishes, interesting shapes.

The red buoy is  still on the beach but the red light no longer flashes. Wonder if children will climb all over it tomorrow when beach season begins?

That's it for now! Happy Summer to everyone.



gone to the beach....